James Pinsky: Mother Nature doesn’t need us, we need her

James Pinsky

After two years of columns, one would think I’d run out of inspiration. The fact that I haven’t – and won’t, isn’t a testament to my abilities, but to the unlimited awe Mother Nature bestows upon us.

For me, it was love at first sight.

The passions Mother Nature evokes in most people are the same across this grand planet of ours. By far, she is the only lady every man can love and never hint at the slightest bit of jealously. She is and always has been fully committed to every one of us in ways even Shakespeare’s word cannot capture.

You see, nature is everyone’s first love, or so she should be. That first kiss of fresh air, or the cool splash of a mountain stream stays with you as vividly as any event can. If you can admit it, nature was our first sweetheart and while many of us allow her to drift into a passing friendship, those of us in the conservation world know there will never be another first love, and we commit.

Like any good relationship, its value is never truly known until the very end since we faithfully invest ourselves in it each day. And, like any good relationship, nature gives back to us not simply what we give her, but more. So much more in fact that we call her “Mother,” which we all know to be the greatest mortal love any person could ever have.

My point in all of this is to help us all gain perspective toward our relationship with Mother Nature. Are we fully committed to her? Do we honor her? Respect her? Do we make her proud?

It’s an important question because Mother Nature’s love for us isn’t quite as motherly as we may think. It’s not unconditional because Mother Nature has enough self-esteem to walk away from us if we don’t love her. The trouble with that is simple – she’s got everywhere to go and we, as proud a species as we claim to be, have nowhere else.

Remember that when you choose your words, your thoughts, and your actions toward her. After all, Mother Nature doesn’t need us, we need her.

James Pinsky is the education and information coordinator for the Lord Fairfax Soil and Water Conservation District.  Contact him at 540.465.2424, ext. 104, or james.pinsky@lfswcd.org.