Letters to the Editor

Position on Puerto Rico inaccurately stated

May 22, 2015

Unfortunately, recent news stories have inaccurately stated my position on allowing Puerto Rico to utilize Chapter 9 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. Because of these stories, this confusion recently made its way to the Northern Virginia Daily in a letter published on May 20 [“Congress should not bail out Puerto Rico”]. The record must be corrected. Allowing Puerto Rico to utilize Chapter 9 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code deserves close and deliberate examination, but by no means have I backed such a proposal.

Letter to the Editor: Rinaldi should withdraw from race

May 21, 2015

Ralph Rinaldi ran a close campaign for the Republican open primary, but he lost. Traditionally, one would concede and ask supporters to contribute, work and vote for the winning candidate. This gives the defeated candidate and constituent consideration after the election.

Letter to the Editor: Net neutrality rule bad for consumers, industry

May 16, 2015

We work in the broadband industry for Shentel, a midsized company serving rural areas in Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland. The FCC’s recent work on broadband Internet policies, loosely referred to as “net neutrality,” rose like summer thunderstorms scaring consumers, encouraging them to take shelter in the safe confines of an FCC regulatory environment — originally designed for the railroad industry in the 1930s.

Letter to the Editor: Candidate had promised to support nominees

May 13, 2015

As chairman of the Shenandoah District for the Warren County Republican Committee, I am greatly disappointed that the candidate who was defeated by Tom Sayre in the Shenandoah District supervisor Republican primary election has announced that he is running again as an independent candidate against Sayre.

Letter to the Editor: Educating children most important job in society

May 12, 2015

In regards to the editorial in your paper on Wednesday, May 6, in support of our teachers, I wish to say thank you and how much I agree. That was indeed a very well written column. I know of no other job more demanding and more important than that of our teachers, especially for the salary they are paid. Training our children is probably the most important job in our society today.

Letter to the Editor: Raise gas tax to pay for road repairs, maintenance

May 11, 2015

Virginia’s state tax on a gallon of gasoline went up 5 cents per gallon on Jan. 1. It is now 16.2 cents per gallon. This increase was caused by Governor McDonald’s bipartisan transportation funding bill of 2013. The governor and members of the General Assembly, such as Del. Beverly Sherwood, received harsh criticism from some who said it was an outrageous and un-American tax increase.

Letter to the Editor: Del. Mark Berg is an exceptional representative

May 9, 2015

The fact about the expansion of Medicaid often overlooked, or not fully explained, is the federal funding provided to the states is only to pay the subsidies for the participant’s premiums. None of it is available to pay for the cost of implementation. Eventually, these subsidies will be reduced to 90 percent of the cost for premiums leaving the state to make up the difference.

Letter to the Editor: Supervisors can’t govern with closed minds

May 8, 2015

Many of our supervisors recently accepted an invitation from Superintendent Jeremy Raley to tour our public schools and see first-hand the concerns SCPS administrators, teachers and staff members have lifted up in the recent public hearings on the county’s budget. However, two members of our Board of Supervisors choose, once again, not to take advantage of the school visits to educate themselves about essential programs and needs of our public schools.

Letter to the Editor: Packet listing gifts to teachers is shocking

May 7, 2015

Absolutely appalling! W.W. Robinson Elementary sends home a Teacher Appreciation Week packet encouraging gifts [gratuities] and it is disgusting in my opinion! Not only does this packet lists school supplies, it also lists gift cards and the teacher’s favorite restaurants, places to shop and likes, such as coffee, candles, jewelry, books, movies.

Letter to the Editor: Educators are denying there is a problem

May 5, 2015

There is one significant point that has not been addressed in the ongoing discussions about the Shenandoah County schools budget issues. It is the lack of spelling capability by members of the School Board and the school administrative officers and all of their supporters. The demonstrated spelling weakness is glaring in its simplicity to spot, but nobody has picked up on it. Until now.

Letter to the Editor: Let the mega site firms go elsewhere

May 1, 2015

In response to the letter to the editor on April 28 by Kim Woodwell, executive director for Shenandoah Forum, I am in full agreement. It seems to me that the last thing we need in Shenandoah County is to spend monies in an attempt to compete “with thousands of other localities to attract new businesses.” After all, we have three mega sites that I know of sitting empty in the county after those businesses came, conquered, and left.