Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Candidate should have attended forum

October 10, 2015

In a Sept. 22 letter to the Northern Virginia Daily, Mike Wakeman, candidate for District 2 supervisor, stressed the importance of listening to constituents. He offered that the lack of listening has been a major failure of current members of the Board of Supervisors.

Letter to the Editor: Taxpayers shouldn’t fund Planned Parenthood

October 10, 2015

I recently wrote to our senators, Mark Warner and Tim Kaine, concerning Senate Bill 1881 defunding Planned Parenthood of America. I stated my tax dollars should not be used to fund the grisly practice of harvesting children’s body parts for sale. I further stated this practice is reminiscent of SS doctor Josef Mengele’s experiments and organ removal from children at Auschwitz. Both senators replied with standard form letters in an attempt to justify their actions.

Letter to the Editor: Counties need thoughtful leadership

October 9, 2015

Seventeen years ago, I moved to Shenandoah County hoping it would be a great place to live. My decision was a good one, but I have learned that counties need thoughtful leadership to meet changing needs. Steve Baker has a record of proven leadership and decision making that works here.

Letter to the Editor: Shenandoah County needs to maintain balance

October 8, 2015

Shenandoah County is a wonderful area to enjoy nature’s beauty, friends, and the rural way of life. However, I believe the county is at a critical crossroads and the decisions we make as citizens in the upcoming election will determine if we maintain thoughtful balanced growth of the county’s resources for the benefit of us all.

Letter to the Editor: County is strong due to its leadership

October 8, 2015

If you listen to the statements coming out of some of the campaigns in Shenandoah County, you could reach the conclusion that the county is in dire fiscal and economic straits these days. The reality is very different — Shenandoah County has come out of the recession in a very strong position, and one reason has been the able leadership of the chairman of our Board of Supervisors, David Ferguson.

Letter to the Editor: Not enough ketchup

October 7, 2015

Ketchup might be the world’s most popular condiment for transforming bland fare into tastier forms, but it’s not a cure­-all. No matter how much we glop on certain things, they remain revolting.

Letter to the Editor: Too many deals keeping cases from going to trial

October 6, 2015

I’m writing this letter because I’m concerned about the state of criminal prosecution in Shenandoah County. As a longtime member of the law enforcement community, I’ve had dealings with the prosecutor’s office my whole career. Over the last few years, I have noticed a disturbing trend.

Letter to the Editor: Heavier trucks weigh on Virginia infrastructure

October 5, 2015

As someone who drives a commercial truck, I see daily the deficiencies in the nation’s highway and bridge system, and how heavy trucks further strain this all-important infrastructure. Nearly 26 percent of the nation’s average daily traffic encounters at least one of the U.S.’s 145,000 deficient bridges every day.

Letter to the Editor: Limit light pollution by starting at home

October 3, 2015

Last Sunday, people all over the Shenandoah valley turned out to their porches and yards to view the supermoon eclipse. The event was also broadcast by NASA in a livestream feed. It’s heartening to see, especially in a day and age when people are more interested in the little screens at the end of their fingers than in the world around them.

Letter to the editor: Support the Family and Children’s Trust Fund

October 3, 2015

As we enjoy the bountiful fall season, we hope that our communities will remember those in need. Among those in need are many thousands of vulnerable children and adults who are at risk of abuse or neglect. In state fiscal year 2013, local departments of social services across Virginia received 72,050 reports of suspected child or elder abuse, more than 64,000 calls were received by domestic and sexual violence hotlines, and the numbers for 2014 were even higher.

Letter to the Editor: Current prosecutor has record of success

October 2, 2015

As someone who believes, perhaps naively, that principle is paramount to party affiliation, I was bewildered to learn that rather than endorse the candidacy of an experienced, proven litigator who has led the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office with distinction for the past four years, the Shenandoah County Republican Party has opted instead to nominate and support a candidate with exponentially less experience and a diminutive record of accomplishment, unless one counts a so-called “legal legacy” as the son of a former Commonwealth’s Attorney and Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court judge.

Letter to the Editor: Schmookler’s challenge a dizzying adventure

October 1, 2015

I accepted Andy Schmookler’s challenge — “Here’s a challenge for pro-lifers” in the Sept. 26 edition — with a sincere attempt to follow his argument, but it was a dizzying adventure. To cut to the chase, I do not agree that he is right. In fact, his article was a thinly veiled attempt to paint pro-life conservatives in a bad light.

Letter to the Editor: When the right to freedom of religion stops

September 30, 2015

We now have the astonishing situation where a public official refuses to perform her official duties because her religious beliefs disagree with the law. Perhaps even more astonishing, she has the public support of two Republican candidates for president, the Rev. Mike Huckabee and Sen. Ted Cruz.