Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Land welfare and farm tags

January 21, 2017

I have two proposals for the Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors to raise money for the upcoming fiscal year. I’m sure this will upset many, but if the shoe fits, wear it.

Letter to the Editor: Selfie president

January 20, 2017

What a horrible, hateful, disparaging column by Mona Charen on President Obama (“Goodbye to selfie president” in Monday’s paper).

Letter to the Editor: Why won’t Trump show tax returns?

January 20, 2017

Although I am not a reporter I am interested in our president-elect’s income tax returns, his business investments as well as his ownership in ventures in other countries. His previous explanation for not releasing this information during the campaign was that the requested returns were being audited by the IRS. Now his reason for withholding the data is that “only the reporters care.”

Letter to the Editor: Trump boldly lied to us

January 17, 2017

So, just after Donald Trump came out of the classified intelligence briefing on the Russian hacking scenario he tweeted this: “Intelligence stated very strongly there was absolutely no evidence that hacking affected the election results. Voting machines not touched!”

Letter to the Editor: Public credited for help in saving pets

January 13, 2017

In 2016, the Humane Society of Warren County continued to provide emergency shelter to homeless animals and lifesaving programs to keep loved pets in their homea. We had 1,368 animals enter our doors in 2016 and 95 percent of those were saved due to the public’s support.

Letter to the Editor: GOP, Dems killed Goodlatte’s plan

January 11, 2017

Congressman Bob Goodlatte tried to sneak through an amendment to gut the Office of Congressional Ethics. It did not work because when the word got out the phone lines lit up all over Congress with both Republicans and Democrats voicing strong opposition.

Letter to the Editor: How will Goodlatte explain fiasco?

January 7, 2017

When you drain a swamp the denizens like gators, serpents and other creatures (some politicians included) fight to protect their slimy turf at any cost. Our Rep. Bob Goodlatte, with support from several of his friends who have been investigated by the Office of Government Ethics, did just that when he initiated the move to gut the power of the independent Office of Congressional Ethis in a closed-door Republican caucus. He didn’t do it to help his constituents in the valley, only his cronies in the House.

Letter to the Editor: Goodlatte’s effort a deplorable action

January 7, 2017

Shame on Bob Goodlatte. In a secret move with a closed vote, the Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives defied their leadership and approved a proposal by Congressman Goodlatte to gut the independent, non-partisan Office of Congressional Ethics. It was a move opposed by both Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, but for Goodlatte it was a personal victory to curb independent investigations into the ethics practices of members of Congress. Fortunately, with the intervention by the president-elect, the Republicans have reversed their action and Mr. Goodlatte is left with egg on his face.

Letter to the Editor: Draining the swamp?

January 7, 2017

Sixth District Rep. Bob Goodlatte, Judiciary chairman, decided to try to remove the already weak commission that oversees congressional ethics as one of the first acts of the new Congress. We see his face everywhere on news feeds as the author of this idea. This was decided in the dark of the night, in a closed meeting, against the wishes of the party leadership.

Letter to the Editor: Give peace a chance

January 6, 2017

I am amused and irritated by comments made by Benjamin Netanyahu regarding our government and the U.N. Security Council vote. He and his like in the Israeli government remind me of this country’s history regarding native peoples. First the Israelis tell the Palestinians they can live in a certain place, just as the U.S. told native nations. Then the Israelis turn around and say, we need that area for us – just as the U.S. did to the tribes.

Letter to the Editor: Churchill should be in Oval Office

December 22, 2016

While the focus is on who President-elect Donald Trump will choose for his cabinet, I am concerned with how he will decorate the famed oval room. It is well known that presidents get inspiration and, perhaps, courage, with the photos, paintings and knick-knacks in their primary office.

Letter to the Editor: We’re now moving in a new direction

December 21, 2016

Few words can express my sense of relief on Nov. 9 after learning that Donald Trump would be our 45th president. After eight years of selling America short by the 44th president, a chance at redemption by a candidate determined to put America first made me feel like a kid again on Christmas morning.

Letter to the Editor: Standing ovations for choral concerts

December 17, 2016

Front Royal was treated to a pair of tasteful choral concerts on Friday night and Sunday last weekend that helped usher in the holiday season for capacity audiences at the Front Royal Presbyterian Church. The well-established American tradition of amateur choral singing was ably displayed at both concerts and there was professionalism as well. And they were beautifully served by the acoustics of the huge church nave, which allows sound to bloom without amplification.

Letter to the Editor: Demand an end to dangerous charade

December 16, 2016

As a World War II combatant with the 4th Infantry Division of our Army, I participated in major battles in France, Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany – events, such as the Battle of the Bulge, which are only history now. I and my comrades were fighting for our nation, our families, the democratic way of life of our western civilization, and most important of all, our Constitution. Today, I am writing to you on behalf of those comrades who are no longer here to write for themselves.

Letter to the Editor: Please cover Shepherd games

December 12, 2016

Just a comment on your sports coverage. There are a lot of Shepherd University graduates in this area – many teachers, administrators, and just good people. Most of them enjoy following their school’s football team.

Letter to the Editor: This is how fascists gained ground

December 9, 2016

To this loser in the recent election, some things are understandable. When millions of workers have fallen behind in wages for years while the 1 percent wallow in vulgar wealth, why wouldn’t those millions want change? But why would they pick an agent of change who lost the election by over 2 ½ million votes, though he won where it counts, in the Electoral College