Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Which ‘clown’ will I vote for?

July 2, 2015

I have been watching the commentators of the television news media saying the “clown car” is arriving – referring to Republican candidates Donald Trump, Chris Christie and Bobby Jindal. Hillary Clinton – she too, is a clown – trying to portray that she is interested in the middle class. Bernie Sanders – does he really think he can be elected president?

Letter to the Editor: Liberalism is once again on the rise

July 1, 2015

In the 20th century we saw continuing but ever so slow progress in the struggle for equal rights in this country. In that very century we saw women’s suffrage and a civil rights movement that broke the back of segregation and now, thanks to a recent Supreme Court ruling, homosexuals have finally overcome the extreme prejudice that prevented them from enjoying full membership and justice in the social order.

Letter to the Editor: It’s God’s move

July 1, 2015

The U.S. Supreme Court has decided that the biblical definition of marriage [one man and one woman] and the biblical purpose of marriage [to procreate] is no longer the acceptable standard in this country.

Letter to the Editor: Let’s pray for the whole human race

June 20, 2015

In America, the tragic killings in Charleston, South Carolina, are hard to understand. But President Obama is wrong when he says this doesn’t happen elsewhere. Ask the relatives of the 11 employees of Charlie Hebdo in France , or the parents of the 69 children murdered at a camp in Oslo, Norway. The president is also wrong to say the problem is easy access to guns. Ask the relatives of Middle East Christians beheaded with machetes.

Letter to the Editor: Politicians should not ignore secular Americans

June 15, 2015

In a shameful display of pandering to the religious right, some conservatives seeking the nomination for the presidency of the United States are alleging that there is a crusade against God and religion. Using fear mongering as a tactic, one has charged that electing one from the “secular left” will result in the end of Christianity and that we will no longer be a free nation.

Letter to the Editor: Nominee thanks his supporters

June 13, 2015

I want to thank Del. Mark Berg and his family for his service to our community and the sacrifices made to represent our district. I am sure that he will continue to fight for those issues he holds near and dear to his heart going forward.