Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Some advice for white people

July 15, 2016

When black people, especially young men, get shot and killed by the police, a lot of white people give them advice, especially in online comments. Of course, the advice comes too late.

Letter to the Editor: A dump store may be good idea for county

July 7, 2016

The article on June 29 about Shenandoah County upgrading security at trash sites interested me. It is too bad that citizens of the county feel free to disregard posted instructions. But why, one wonders, would anyone do such a thing?

Letter to the Editor: Trump is Hitler? It’s in the paper

July 5, 2016

In this fast-paced and contentious campaign season, my thanks go out to the Northern Virginia Daily for cutting to the point and bringing real clarity to the issues. If not for the Northern Virginia Daily and its correspondents, there is so much political news we’d all be missing.

Letter to the Editor: George Will has left the GOP

July 1, 2016

Friday was a great day. I read the entire column by George Will. Yes, the whole thing! Most times I have been unable to agree with anything past the first paragraph. On Friday, I liked everything he wrote. Then it got better.

Letter to the Editor: Raley improved county’s schools

June 30, 2016


I would iike to take this opportunity to commend Dr. Jeremy Raley on a job well done! He has improved our schools and made our school system more transparent to the community.

The job of superintendent is not always the most popular job, but I believe he always had the best interest of the students at heart. He took a strong moral approach to the Strasburg situation, and even though it was disliked by many, it was the correct approach. The boundary adjustment is another conflict that needed to be addressed for a long time, an Dr. Raley handled this in the correct way as well.

I am impressed at the job he has done, and Goochland County will be well served by him. I wish him the best.
Bill Holtzman, Mount Jackson

Letter to the Editor: We have the right to due process

June 25, 2016

A prominent Virginia lawyer by the name of St. George Tucker once described the right to keep and bear arms as “The true palladium of liberty” — a concept that has retained its relevance since day one of the United States of America.

Letter to the Editor: Be kind to one another

June 19, 2016

With all sadness that is happening in Florida right now, it is difficult to reassure my child that she safe — that there are good people out there! It suddenly seems that everyone is a stranger, but we shouldnt let that one person’s actions shadow our day. Kindness is out there and I saw the goodness in people again today.

Letter to the Editor: Let’s celebrate Clinton’s rise

June 15, 2016

In the good old days of print journalism, the mantra was “all the news that prints to fit.” Today’s media offer only too much space for Donald Trump’s titilating latest outrage. I, however, hope that at least some outlets will see fit to celebrate a historic moment truly worthy of our attention – Hillary Clinton’s rise to become the first woman nominated by a major party for president of the United States.