Reader Commentary

Commentary: Beware of PACs seeking gifts

March 22, 2017

There has been a lot of talk lately regarding the adding of a seventh member to the Board of Supervisors, mostly coming from members of Parental Alliance for Strong Schools, a group founded to increase school spending. No one can argue or debate that there has been dysfunction on the Board of Supervisors as of late.

Commentary: Trumpcare: Health insurance for young, wealthy

March 21, 2017

There is a huge gap between the promise of Trumpcare and the reality. President Trump promised better, lower-cost insurance available to everyone. In reality, Trumpcare will cost many people much more and provide less. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that millions of people in the country will lose their insurance, not by choice, but because they cannot afford it. Charity care cannot take its place. People will die because they aren’t rich enough to go out and buy good insurance without help.

Commentary: This is not your father’s Republican Party

Roy Mullins

March 11, 2017

So much has been written about Donald Trump that at this point I feel a lot of people are starting to become numb to it all. His scandals, questionable business dealings, accusations of sexual assault, as well as what could possibly be deemed treasonous activities at some point in the very-near future, are all common knowledge and have been well documented.

Commentary: Unfit, unqualified, and unwelcome

March 8, 2017

It is increasingly clear that Donald Trump possesses self-promotion and fortune building skills, but lacks qualities required in a president, or even in a city council member. His abilities made him a reality TV star, but do not translate to governance.

Commentary: The difference between an immigrant and refugee

March 1, 2017

Wendy spoke English and worked in the health clinic in the parish of Maria, Madre de los Pobres in the impoverished barrio of La Chacra in San Salvador, El Salvador. Since 1991, I have been visiting the parish as a home away from home.

Commentary: Legislators need to fix our broken immigration system

February 24, 2017

In today’s political climate, merely mentioning the word “immigration” evokes unease and polarization at every level from our families and neighbors, all the way up to our legislators. The problem, up until now, is that we’ve been having this conversation from emotional and political perspectives rather than looking at the facts.

Commentary: The hallmarks of tyranny

February 15, 2017

The German people who became embroiled in, and culpable for one of the most heinous crimes in modern history, were for the most part ordinary, law-abiding citizens with strong Christian values, living under a democracy. They were certainly not all rabid, hate-mongering psychopaths as is often assumed. How then could they have become caught up in a nationalistic tyranny resulting in a world war, oppression, and mass murder?

Commentary: On the hunt for litter critters

February 14, 2017

Recently on a dreary January morning, I decided to do what anyone in the valley would do: go hunting. On went the boots, down vest, hat, gloves, and blaze orange vest. I gathered my game bags (large orange trash bags), weapons (a paint stick to hold the bags open and a pistol grip reacher), and hopped into my pickup, headed for one of the best spots I know. With apologies to Gerald Almy, I am going to share some of my best tips for a successful trash hunt.

Commentary: Americans need to take the high road

Roger Barbee

February 11, 2017

During international athletic events, American fans can be heard chanting U-S-A during important or dramatic times of a competition. The chant is used to encourage our athletes, to recognize their accomplishments, and to let our opposition know who we are. Other countries do the same, and it is in good sportsmanship.

How will Dems cope with Trump success?

Richard Hoover

February 9, 2017

President Trump would take us toward a new American revolution, one aimed at the retrenchment, if not restoration of those American values which have become unfashionable over the past eight years. Among them: clawing back state and individual liberties taken by Washington and its judiciary, smaller government, nationalism over globalism, minimizing national debt, military superiority, border defense and capitalism. In other words, he wants a revolution based on over-turning current “political correctness.”

Commentary: Who are the haters?

February 8, 2017

The most volatile issue facing our culture is the increasing demonization of those who oppose—anything. Allegations of hate have become the latest weapon in the war of intimidation. Nowhere is this bullying word applied more readily and frequently than to the issues of immigration, abortion, and homosexuality. How can we return to civility with these ongoing challenges?

Commentary: We need to remain vigilant

January 26, 2017

What a refreshing sight to view the multitude of women’s marches recently! It restores hope in values most Americans share – one of them being the ability to tell and recognize the truth.

Commentary: Will love truly trump hate?

January 20, 2017

This Saturday, the day after Trump’s inauguration, The Women’s March is attracting masses of women and men to marches in Washington, D.C., in every state in the union and in nearly 60 countries around the world. Could this be the silver lining to Donald Trump’s election? Is this evidence that the message of hate has not overcome the power of love?

Commentary: The new order

January 19, 2017

Some Americans were happy with electing a flawed leader with a dubious relationship with the truth. After years of inattention, exaggerations or outright lies by segments of the media, and enabled by players eager for an advantage, many voters were ready to suspend belief and latch onto anyone who signaled change.

Commentary: We need a little Christmas

December 16, 2016

Flipping through radio channels the other day, I stumbled across the Sirius channel playing Christmas music and heard Johnny Mathis’ cover of “We Need a Little Christmas.” An upbeat song about longing for the secular trappings of Christmas, its second verse contains a slightly darker couplet: “I’ve grown a little leaner; grown a little colder/grown a little sadder, and grown a little older” which conveys weariness at the passing of a difficult year. I think a lot of us can relate to that.

Commentary: Is history being repeated?

December 14, 2016

There once was a man named Paul Joseph Goebbles. He was a student of philosophy and history. He was an admirer of a specific book, “The Prince,” by a long dead Italian writer; a loyal party member who early on befriended a veteran, highly decorated, who also wrote a book he admired and studied – Mien Kampf, Goebbles also read a book called The “Protocols of Zion.”

Commentary: Vandalism disappoints union

December 13, 2016

With the recent presidential election now behind us and the holidays fast approaching, the Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen (BRS) wishes to address some recent incidents that arose during the presidential election.

Commentary: What just happened?

December 2, 2016

The events of Nov. 8 are just beginning to sink in for many of us. Experts and voters were rattled by the outcome of the presidential election. If we examine what was going on in the background, it may not come as much of a shock.