Syndicated Columnists

Froma Harrop: What it means to be truly liberal on abortion

April 26, 2017

Donald Trump has mastered the authoritarian act, and that’s how he attracted his brigade of humble followers. Some on the left seem to envy this ability to force obedience through threats and attacks. But that approach doesn’t work on issue-oriented voters, doubly so on matters requiring nuance. Abortion is one such issue.

Marino de Medici: At stake in election: Europe’s future

April 25, 2017

Rather than judging European elections with American parameters that do not apply, Americans should take some comfort from the fact that the French elections have proven that France has voted against decline and the interference of terror.

Jules Witcover: The pushback against Trump

April 23, 2017

WASHINGTON – After three months of living with the reality of President Donald Trump, tangible signs of political resistance have begun to surface, fueled by voter fears he may blunder into war on the Korean Peninsula and by evidence he is already undoing much of the American domestic order.

Froma Harrop: Will Trump’s order help U.S. tech or not?

April 21, 2017

Let’s describe the problem with an example. A few years ago, Southern California Edison employed 300 foreign tech workers through the H-1B visa program. They took the jobs of American IT specialists who suffered the added indignity of having to train their replacements.

Diane Dimond: Sanctuary cities ignore Trumps’ threat

April 20, 2017

President Donald Trump recently said of the state of California: “I don’t want to defund the state or city. But if they’re going to have sanctuary cities we may have to do that — certainly, that would be a weapon.”

Part 2: Thinking through the N. Korea crisis – Will China offer a solution?

April 19, 2017

Editor’s note: This is Part 2 of a series about an examination of the North Korea crisis.

This series is an attempt to provide clarification of the issues that American decision-makers must think through in deciding how to deal with the crisis with North Korea – a crisis which has been building for a quarter of a century and which may be coming to a head.

Thinking through the North Korea crisis

April 18, 2017

The long-running problem with North Korea is coming to a head – either very soon, or in the not-too-distant future. What follows is my attempt at a non-political, non-partisan explication of the key questions.

Mark Shields: One (restricted) cheer for D.C.

April 17, 2017

We’ve all heard the tiresome and discouraging refrain: Washington, our beautiful capital city, is broken. Dysfunctional D.C. does not work. Even with majorities in both the House and the Senate, congressional Republicans could not pass a resolution commending Mother’s Day.

Jules Witcover: White House press secretaries, then and now

April 16, 2017

WASHINGTON — As presidential spokesmen go, Sean Spicer has only been on the job less than three months, but he may have already qualified as the worst ever. It’s not only because of his outrageous and erroneous comment that Adolf Hitler never stooped to using chemical weapons against his own people, as Syria’s Bashar al-Assad did last week.

George F. Will: A case for preventing children’s scrapped knees

April 16, 2017

WASHINGTON — When not furrowing their collective brows about creches and displays of the Ten Commandments here and there, courts often are pondering tangential contacts between the government and religious schools. Courts have held that public money can constitutionally fund the transportation of parochial school pupils to classes — but not on field trips. It can fund nurses at parochial schools — but not guidance counselors. It can fund books — but not maps. Daniel Patrick Moynihan wondered: What about atlases, which are books of maps? On Wednesday, the Supreme Court will consider the constitutional significance of this incontrovertible truth: “A scraped knee is a scraped knee whether it happens at a Montessori day care or a Lutheran day care.”

Andy Schmookler: The Democrats’ wrong-headed diagnosis

April 14, 2017

After this November’s elections, Democrats understandably wrung their hands and asked where they’d gone wrong. Surely the Democrats had gone wrong in some way, but many also went wrong in diagnosing the problem.

Rich Lowry: When Jared wins

April 14, 2017

Can someone reacquaint President Donald Trump with Steve Bannon, his ideologist whom the president now professes barely to know?