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George F. Will: Chris Christie’s serious political talent

George F. Will

November 27, 2015

WASHINGTON — Paris was for all Americans, but especially for Republicans, a summons to seriousness that should have two immediate impacts on the Republican presidential contest. It should awaken the party’s nominating electorate from its reveries about treating the presidency as an entry-level job. And it should cause Republicans to take another look at Chris Christie, beginning with his speech in Florida the day after the Paris attacks.

Lawrence Kudlow: If we want to destroy ISIS, we can

Lawrence Kudlow

November 26, 2015

Let’s say it loud and often. If we want to destroy ISIS, we can destroy ISIS. Perhaps I am stating the obvious, but I want to state it anyway. Why? Because I am not hearing it enough.

Froma Harrop: A tale of two terrors: Paris and New York

Froma Harrop

November 23, 2015

Like most people, I’m thinking of the terrorist trauma in Paris, though with a somewhat different perspective. I was in New York on Sept. 11, 2001, and my thoughts go in this direction: What is the future of cities in which psychopaths have killed crowds of bystanders?

George F. Will: Freedom of speech includes talking about pets

George F. Will

November 22, 2015

WASHINGTON — Never has American freedom of speech been attacked so flagrantly, promiscuously and on so many fronts. The most egregious examples come from campuses and Congress. On campuses, censorship proliferates as political advocacy is confined to designated spaces. In Congress, 54 Democratic senators voted last year to amend the First Amendment to empower Congress to regulate the quantity, content and timing of political campaign speech.

Leonard Pitts Jr.: Paris, the City of Light

Leonard Pitts Jr.

November 19, 2015

My wife has a bad knee and isn’t much for long walks, so that night after the Chunnel train had brought us over from London and we set out on foot from the hotel to do some exploring, I wasn’t expecting to go far. Maybe a block, maybe two.

Kathleen Parker: Fear and loathing in America

Kathleen Parker

November 19, 2015

WASHINGTON — We shouldn’t be surprised that many Americans fear the fresh arrival of Syrian refugees in the wake of last week’s Paris slaughter by jihadists, including at least one who appears to have entered Europe posing as a refugee.

Rich Lowry: After Paris, some empty symbolism

Rich Lowry

November 18, 2015

The instant online symbol of global support for Paris after last week’s attacks was a roughly rendered peace symbol with an Eiffel Tower in the middle of it. The French designer Jean Jullien sketched it as soon as he heard the news of the atrocity. He called it “Peace for Paris,” and it immediately became a sensation on social media.

Froma Harrop: The Paris attacks and what must change

Froma Harrop

November 17, 2015

Many French people referred to the January attacks on the offices of French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo and other sites as their 9/11. As awful as that time was, it was not a 9/11. Seventeen people died that day. The Sept. 11, 2001, assaults on New York and Washington left nearly 3,000 dead, having demolished two skyscraping towers, part of the Pentagon and, in the process, four large jetliners full of passengers.

Diane Dimond: Let’s remember veterans all year

Diane Dimond

November 16, 2015

Now that the parades are over and we’ve thanked military service members for their sacrifices let’s drill down to take a look at what it’s really like to be a military veteran in the United States.

George F. Will: On campus a freedom from speech

George F. Will

November 15, 2015

WASHINGTON — Yale’s president, Peter Salovey, dealt with the Crisis of the Distressing Email about Hypothetical Halloween Costumes about as you would expect from someone who has risen to eminence in today’s academia. He seems to be the kind of adult who has helped produce the kind of students who are such delicate snowflakes that they melt at the mere mention of even a potential abrasion of their sensibilities.

Scott Rasmussen: Of course we should let big banks fail

Scott Rasmussen

November 15, 2015

At the Republican Presidential debate last week, Texas Senator Ted Cruz did something unusual for a politician — he gave a straightforward answer to a question. Yes, Cruz made clear, if the Bank of America was on the brink, he would let it fail.