Megeath spreads positive message through BiO brand

By Jeff Nations

Daniel Megeath is a believer in the power of belief, and he wants to make you one, too.

The 28-year-old Front Royal resident has started his own clothing line, has his own record label, and recently delved into sports promotions for the first time. It’s all in support of the motivational movement he founded, Believe In One (BiO), which promotes a positive message of self-improvement of both mind and body.

“I want everybody to maximize their potential,” Megeath said. “I want the best out of my friends, I want the best out of people I run into in life.”

His recent foray into sports was no random act — a lifelong sports fan, Megeath has tied his fledgling brand to both professional and amateur sports right from the start. After developing his logo in 2012 and receiving his first shipment of clothing, Megeath said he packed up his product and headed “straight to the source” by visiting the Washington Redskins’ training camp to hand out gear to players and fans.

Megeath soon had several current and former Redskins wearing his brand including tight end Niles Paul and fullback Darrel Young, and even has one former Redskin helping to build his business. Megeath befriended former Redskins linebacker Robert Henson through Twitter. At the time, the then-rookie Henson was drawing a heated response for a series of tweets criticizing the Washington fan base for booing the team during a lackluster win. Megeath, who’d observed Henson’s tireless work ethic and willingness to interact with fans by signing countless autographs, came to Henson’s defense. Henson noticed, and started following Megeath’s Twitter account. Now, he’s helping Megeath make inroads with professional athletes.

“I saw this guy come out and work hard, then for two hours after practice he signed for everybody,” Megeath said. “They didn’t see that. I saw that he’s a real person, a good person.”

Megeath’s own life has featured plenty of hardships to overcome, including the loss of an eye after a car accident when he was just 17 years old. Megeath got a prosthetic eye, but had serious depth perception problems that made the very ground he walked hard to judge from step to step.

“I just started running hills because they were the hardest to adjust to,” Megeath said. “I had to train myself to know where the ground was.”

When he conceived the idea that evolved into his BiO brand, Megeath had no experience in developing a clothing line, or starting a record label, or marketing and promoting sports events. He did it anyway.

“I was done listening to people tell me what I couldn’t do,” Megeath said. “I was done listening to everybody else. I wanted to hit the ground running.”

That’s what he’s been doing ever since, and the July 17 basketball tournament at Front Royal’s 15th Street gym was just another step toward his ultimate goal of developing BIO into a major brand. The basketball tournament was a hit, drawing some of the area’s top players including former Shepherd University All-American Chad Moore and former Skyline and Eastern Mennonite standout Andrew Thorne. Henson even suited up to play in the tournament. The double-elimination tournament lasted nearly six hours before Thorne’s “Church” team won the championship.

Megeath, who credits his young daughter Madison as a constant and steady source of inspiration, is already planning a follow-up flag football tournament, which may feature some former or current Redskins. He hopes the basketball tournament in Front Royal will become a regular event, as well.

“BiO is resonating with people all over,” Megeath said. “My goal is to keep branching out into athletics. It’s always going to be something active.”

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