Fauber: Taking to Twitter this fall

By Brad Fauber

This year’s fall sports schedule is about to kick into full gear next week with volleyball, cross country and football — yes, it’s finally that time — all joining golf and starting up for high schools in our coverage area.

It’s certainly an exciting time for high school sports fans, and as a sports writer it’s nice to officially to come the end of the long, drawn out summer months filled with baseball, baseball and yes, more baseball (although I do love me some baseball).

Now high school sports are back upon us, and with the arrival of the newest season of prep sports, we here at the Northern Virginia Daily sports desk are trying something new to improve our coverage of local sports this year.

It’s with great pleasure that I announce the three of us — Jeff Nations, Tommy Keeler Jr. and myself — will be taking to Twitter this fall to (hopefully) give you, the reader, the most up to date information about the goings on of local high school sports. We may be a little late to the Twitter party, but better late than never, right?

Each of us will be creating our own work-related Twitter handles, which you can follow as closely as you wish. All that I ask is that you do indeed follow us, because it can be a little lonely and slightly depressing sending out tweets that you know are only being read by a handful of people. (Side note: Parents, if you are unsure what Twitter is, ask your kids.)

The idea behind our Twitter venture will be simple — provide useful information regarding our area’s teams as quickly and conveniently as possible, although that doesn’t mean I’m going to be blowing up the Twitter feed by aggressively pecking away at my iPhone keyboard the second I gather any tidbit of info. After all, we still want you to read our stories.

Our main goal will be to relay scores from games and other similar info, such as statistics. How often we will update that information will vary depending on factors such as time constraints, but rest assured that information will get out there. We will also provide links to our stories once they become available online.

One thing that I am really hoping arises from our transition to Twitter is more interaction between the three of us here at the sports desk and the local high school sports community. We want to hear from fans and student-athletes alike, and Twitter provides a great medium through which we can all discuss the latest sporting news.

I encourage fans and athletes to generate discussions with us about a wide range of topics. Do you have an opinion or insight on a certain high school game coming up? Share it with us. Do you have a question about one of the local teams? Ask us. Just want to trash talk about my Ravens’ predestined fall to mediocrity this season? Bring it.

As I write this, we still haven’t set up our Daily sports Twitter accounts, so I can’t provide the Twitter handles just yet. We will make sure that information gets out there as soon as we create them.

Also keep in mind that this is a new project for us, so it is bound to take a little time for us to get in the full swing of things. Please be patient — especially with Jeff, he’s new to this whole social media thing.

Contact sports writer Brad Fauber at 540-465-5137 ext. 184, or bfauber@nvdaily.com