Megeath looks to build on BiO brand

By Brad Fauber

Daniel Megeath first began making a push for his Believe in One (BiO) movement well over a year ago, when he developed a logo and started a clothing line that he introduced to professional and amateur athletes.

It would seem Megeath’s message — which promotes a positive message of self-improvement of the mind and body — is now starting to gain the support that he envisioned it would.

Through a friendship formed with former Washington Redskins linebacker Robert Henson in BiO’s infancy stage, Megeath, a 27-year-old Front Royal resident, saw his brand adopted by several professional football players. Since then, Megeath has seen steady growth in the BiO brand to the point where he said the company is even getting some “overseas bites.”

“It’s really starting to resonate with a bunch of people,” Megeath said in a phone interview Friday evening. “It’s starting to really resonate like it’s supposed to, like I envisioned it would.

“Everything just kind of got stronger. The following has gotten stronger. The support group has gotten stronger. … Everybody’s inner circle seems to be jumping on this thing.”

Megeath, who began dabbling in sports promotion last summer when he hosted a basketball tournament at Front Royal’s 15th Street gym, continues to work toward making BiO a household name through his sports connections.

He has arranged a meet and greet session with current Redskins fullback Darrel Young on May 17 at Carl’s Fitness Studio in Leesburg, with the idea being to introduce the BiO brand to the public. Megeath said he hopes the event, which will feature BiO merchandise for sale and could include “up to five or six Redskins,” will help the brand and its message catch on with the Redskins fan base.

“The main objective for this is to put a stamp on the brand,” he said. “Once they get in the door they’re going to see what kind of brand this is.”

Megeath said he first met Young through his relationship with Henson, and Young became involved with BiO when Megeath and Henson were preparing for a motivational speech session at Gold’s Gym in Front Royal in January 2013.

“Robert Henson was actually living with Darrel at the time. I went to his house and stopped by and hashed out the details. … Darrel was there and he listened and took it all in,” Megeath said. “From that day on he’s been on board.”

Young continues to help promote BiO by allowing Megeath VIP access to Redskins training camp, where Megeath introduces his brand to players, he said.

“He sees the vision. He sees the passion that I have,” Megeath said.

Megeath has also developed a relationship with Christian “Boo” Jackson, a basketball player from Maryland who has ties to the Northern Virginia area, according to Megeath. Jackson, Megeath said, is a supporter of the BiO brand and will soon be playing professional basketball in China, which could bode well for the company’s international exposure.

But Megeath remains focused on elevating his brand in the local area, too.

Another basketball tournament in Front Royal is currently in the works, and Megeath said he is working on opening the event to different age groups this year in addition to the 18-and-over tournament that was held last summer.

A BiO-sponsored 5K race operated through the Warren County Parks and Recreation Department is also a possibility this summer, as is a triathlon that would include a unique combination of running, biking and canoeing events, Megeath said.

“Basically just one more meeting with the parks and rec and I should be able to solidify that in the next week,” Megeath said of the basketball tournament and the 5K.

Megeath, who still personally handles most of the work when it comes to designing and distributing BiO apparel, said he hopes the increased exposure will help his company become strong enough financially to pay for is own manufacturer. Until then, he remains focused on building what has become a solid foundation for BiO.

“The main thing is just the support, because it’s been solidified now. The people who hesitated to even look at this stuff are now supporting and advocating it,” Megeath said.

For more information on BiO, visit ibelieveinone.com.

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