Hunter’s photos

Nickolas Lewis, 9, of Strasburg, shows his first deer, which was shot with a muzzleloader. Courtesy photo
Evan Bowers, 7, of Edinburg, is shown with his first deer, a 5-point buck. Courtesy photo
Thomas Bullock Jr. is shown with his 8-point, 178-pound deer. Courtesy photo
Ron Golliday, of Edinburg, shot this 10-point buck on Nov. 3 during muzzleloader season. It weighed 160 pounds. Courtesy photo
Joseph Sherman, 7, son of Dale and Dee Sherman, got his first deer, a 120-pound doe, on the opening weekend of rifle season. Courtesy photo
Trevor Sager, 13, of Toms Brook, is shown with his 8-point, 170-pound deer. Courtesy photo