TK’s corner: Time for a little selective memory

By Tommy Keeler Jr. — tkeeler@nvdaily.com

Just two weeks ago, I was hopeful of making a big run and catching Jeff Nations in the forecast. After last week, it is obvious the only thing I can catch is last place with the way I’m picking games.

Nations has suddenly opened an eight-game lead. I’m not saying it’s over or that he can’t be caught, but my selections will have to be much, much better to have any hope in winning the title.

I went 9-11 last week, which may be the worst week I’ve ever had (I try to burn the bad weeks permanently from my brain). Last week, I was the NFC East of the forecast. Which is only appropriate since it was the NFC East that cost me the most.

The Dallas Cowboys lost to the Green Bay Packers (seriously, the Packers?). The sad part is the Cowboys are still in first place in the most mediocre division in football. Did I just call the NFC East mediocre? Amazing how quickly things can turn in the NFL.

The Philadelphia Eagles lost to the San Diego Chargers, another team I don’t think is really that good. However, the Eagles showed they’re simply not very good, either. The biggest surprise was the Washington Redskins beating the Denver Broncos. One win, and suddenly the Redskins have a chance in the NFC East. That’s like saying Jeremy Stafford still has a chance in the forecast.

My picks were so bad last week, even Stafford had a better week then me. Now that’s hitting rock bottom.

Brian Eller is now closing in on me for second. Although, he’s been so down in the dumps about his beloved Broncos losing to the Redskins I don’t think he’s even noticed.

The only way to get over last week is to ignore it. Pretend it never happened. So, it’s officially been erased from my brain.

If that doesn’t work, lots of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream will do the trick. Maybe eating my favorite ice cream can get me out of my slump — at this point, things can’t get much worse.

Now here’s this week’s picks:

James Wood at Sherando

This one is sure to go down to the wire like all their matchups seem to. I think the extra week off will help the Warriors.

Sherando 27, James Wood 24, OT

Goochland at Handley

The Bulldogs have a very good team and could be the toughest challenge Handley has faced all year. The Judges are finally healthy, and I think they’re going to start playing their best football.

Handley 34, Goochland 27

Appomattox at Clarke County

The Eagles beat the Raiders last year. I’m sure Appomattox has improved, but so has Clarke County.

Clarke County 45, Appomattox 31

Oregon at Arizona

It looks like the Ducks are headed to the Rose Bowl.

Oregon 38, Arizona 34

Redskins at Cowboys

This game is a showcase of two typical NFC East teams.

Cowboys 2, Redskins 0