TK’s Corner: Crunch time calls for big-time picks

By Tommy Keeler Jr. — tkeeler@nvdaily.com

Crunch time is finally here.

The high school games are dwindling down and the college games aren’t far behind. This week we have 12 pro games on the list, which means you have to choose your upsets wisely.

I’m sure some of you are thinking that Jeff Nations has this in the bag and that I should mostly be worried about Brian Eller catching me for second. However, I never worry about who is behind me (besides, Eller is bound to miss a few Broncos games along the way).

I’m still very focused on the prize, and there’s still plenty of time for me to catch Nations. The key is that I can’t have a bad week and fall further behind. Three years ago, I was nine games behind former staff writer Craig Juer in December and still caught him in early January and cruised to the title.

The next few weeks are all about getting in position to make a big run during the Bowl weeks. There’s always upsets in the Bowl games and if you can pick the right ones you can make up a lot of ground.

I believe that big-time players make big-time plays in big-time games. In this case, it’s time for one of those big-time weeks.

I also think Nations may be getting a little overconfident. A few weeks ago, he was bragging about how all he had to do was pick the favorites and his chances were pretty good. Nations also said that picking Bowl games is easy — you just pick the SEC. We’ll see. Luckily for me, the SEC isn’t involved in every Bowl game.

For now, I’m staying confident. I’ve got my foot on the accelerator and I’m going full throttle. As far as I’m concerned, this race isn’t over.

Of course, ask me again in a few weeks and I may have a different opinion.

Now here’s this week’s picks:

Bruton at Handley

I think the Judges are a team of destiny, and next week they will be playing at Lane Stadium.

Handley 28, Bruton 14

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh

The Bearcats will remain undefeated, but of course will not be playing for a national championship. Only in the BCS.

Cincinnati 42, Pittsburgh 21

Alabama vs. Florida at Atlanta

This may be the real national championship game. The Gators have Tim Tebow — enough said.

Florida 31, Alabama 24

Nebraska vs. Texas at Arlington, Texas

I’m not about to pick against my Longhorns. They will bounce back after a dismal win against Texas A&M.

Texas 35, Nebraska 27

Saints at Redskins

This game will be ugly. New Orleans moves a step closer to an undefeated season.

Saints 42, Redskins 6