Hunter Gallery

Zachary Vann, 9, of Strasburg, shows off his first deer. Courtesy photo
Ethan Gochenour, of Lebanon Church, killed a 9-point buck on Thanksgiving. Courtesy photo
John Dove, of Star Tannery, is shown with his 10-point buck in Frederick County. Courtesy photo
Daniel Showman, of Shenandoah County, is shown with his 203-pound 8-pointer. Courtesy photo
William Miller, of Shenandoah County, is shown with his 160-pound 11-pointer. Courtesy photo
Richard Brady, left, and Jason Brady, right, stand beside their deer harvest on the first day of muzzle loader season. Richard Brady's deer, left, was a 150-pound field dressed 9-pointer. Jason Brady's deer was a 130-pound 8-pointer. The Bradys live in Flint Hill. Photo courtesy of Nikki Brady