Strasburg’s Miller overcomes size to become key component of offensive, defensive line

Strasburg's Hunter Miller prepares to bring down Stonewall's Rion Dennison during their Aug. 24 contest this year. Miller has 14 tackles for the Rams this season. Rich Cooley/Daily

STRASBURG – Hunter Miller isn’t the tallest or biggest player on the offensive and defensive line, but he does not let that slow him down.

The Strasburg senior offensive and defensive lineman is 5-foot-9 and 175-pounds and he said he has no problem going up against bigger players on the line.

“They’re usually a lot taller and bigger than me,” Miller said. “It definitely makes it more challenging, because of their arm reach and their size overall. I’m a lot smaller than most of the guys I’m going against. But I enjoy that challenge.”

Strasburg assistant coach and defensive coordinator Tripp Lamb said that what Miller lacks in size he makes up for with heart.

“He is undersized at the line, but he is not undersized at heart and determination,” Lamb said.

Strasburg's Hunter Miller prepares to bring down Stonewall's Rion Dennison during their Aug. 24 contest this year. Miller has helped lead the Rams on both sides of the ball. Strasburg is playing at Rappahannock County tonight. Rich Cooley/Daily

Miller is starting on the offensive line for the third straight year and on the defensive line for the second consecutive season.

He said he learned a lot on both sides of the ball that sophomore season and that helped him a lot last year.

Miller had 44 tackles and one sack last season for the Rams.

“Last year it was a good year,” Miller said. “I played with a lot of good people, my brother (Austin) was one, that was a good time. I think we did good as a team overall.”

Last season, Miller helped pave the way for his brother, 2018 Strasburg graduate Austin Miller, who ran for 1,209 yards.

Hunter Miller said he enjoyed playing with his brother.

“He’s always been a pretty big motivational factor to me,” Hunter Miller said. “I’m always just trying to top him, be better than him.”

This season Hunter Miller has 14 tackles for the Rams.

Hunter Miller said that it helps him a lot that he plays on both sides of the line and might see things that help him when trying to block or make a tackle.

Lamb said that Miller’s knowledge of the game and willingness to learn play big roles in his success.

“He s a real tough kid,” Lamb said. “He doesn’t let things bother him. If you tell him to do something he does his best to go out there and try to do what’s best for the team and what the coaches have told him to do. And he has a good understanding of the game and a good understanding of the other team’s offense. So when we got out there he knows what we’re trying to stop, he knows what the other team is trying to do. And he does a good job of putting his head in the game and understanding what’s going on.”

Lamb said that Miller is also a great leader for the team.

“He’s a really quiet guy,” Lamb said. “He doesn’t talk much, but people listen. He doesn’t have a lot to say, but when he does people really take note of what is being said. And he doesn’t have to say a lot to get his point across. He is a real quiet leader, but he is a leader with his work ethic. And he demands a lot out of his teammates.”

Miller said that the Rams, who play at Rappahannock County tonight, are coming along as a team and he feels like the best is yet to come.

He said that being a senior this year makes him want to give everything he has and have no regrets.

“I’d like to have a winning season, and just play every game like it’s my last,” Miller said.