Gerald Almy: Here are 12 funnel sweet spots

Gerald Almy

November 23, 2015

Rifle shots from deer hunters have been fewer than normal in the areas I hunt this year. Hopefully this cool weather will increase movement and make for better hunting as the modern firearms season winds to a close in most counties west of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Here’s a look at one type of habitat that might produce a buck or doe during these final few days of rifle hunting or in later bow and muzzleloader seasons.

Hunter’s photo

Callie Judy, 7, shows her first deer. She killed it on her family's farm in Judy Gap, West Virginia.  She is the daughter of Jeremy and Andrea Judy. Courtesy photo

November 18, 2015

Callie Judy, 7, shows her first deer. She killed it on her family’s farm in Judy Gap, West Virginia. She is the daughter of Jeremy and Andrea Judy. Courtesy photo

Craig Murto: Mother Nature always wins


November 18, 2015

Kevin Harvick said it best when he told interviewers after the Sprint Cup race in Phoenix that if you want to catch up on your rainfall, bring NASCAR to town.

Recreation Calendar

November 17, 2015

The following are some of the area recreational events that are being held through Nov. 29:

Gerald Almy: Two ways to hunt squirrels

Gerald Almy

November 16, 2015

The sound was unmistakable: nut shell fragments pitter-pattering onto the forest floor. Searching hard, I soon made out the salt-and-pepper gray coat of my quarry perched high in a mature hickory tree. Bracing my arm against a maple sapling, I aimed carefully and squeezed off. My first bushytail of the day was in the bag.

Recreation Calendar

November 11, 2015

The following are some of the area recreational events that are being held through Dec. 19:
Epilepsy 5K
The Winchester

Gerald Almy: Three classic deer stands

Gerald Almy

November 2, 2015

Does it sometimes seem to you that deer hunting has become too complicated? Has high-tech strategizing and intricate analysis of deer sign and buck movement patterns taken some of the joy out of your sport?

Peter Brookes: Flat out for bones: Fly fishing in Hawaii

Peter Brookes

October 28, 2015

I have to admit it: I love the Orvis ad about its company chairman, Leigh Perkins, who, on realizing that he’s early for a flight, stops to fish for tarpon in his dress clothes en route Key West airport.

Gerald Almy: Gaining insights from buck ‘rubs’

Gerald Almy

October 19, 2015

As you prepare for the upcoming rifle deer season, or even if you don’t hunt but just want to learn more about whitetail deer, studying the signs these animals leave can reveal many interesting clues about their behavior.

Gerald Almy: New products for deer season

Gerald Almy

October 12, 2015

With modern rifle deer hunting approaching fast, here’s a rundown on some exciting new products that might be of interest for the coming season.

Gerald Almy: A deer hunter’s dictionary, from F-Y

Gerald Almy

October 5, 2015

With bow and crossbow hunting in full swing, it’s time to examine the rest of the words in the “deer hunter’s dictionary” we started last week. We’ll continue this rundown of popular deer hunting terms, starting with the letter F.

Gerald Almy: A deer hunter’s dictionary, A-F

Gerald Almy

September 28, 2015

If you want to become an expert deer hunter, there’s no better way to start than learning the meaning of the most important terms veteran hunters use when talking to each other about their passion. In this column and the following one we’ll delve into some of the most important words and phrases a knowledgeable and skilled deer hunter should have in his or her vocabulary.

Gerald Almy: Virginia’s best crappie fishing waters

Gerald Almy

September 21, 2015

Some states like South Carolina and Kentucky are legendary for their crappie fishing. But the fact is the Old Dominion is no slouch when it comes to this speckled black and white fish, either. And fall through early winter is one of the best times to catch them.

Gerald Almy: Rabbit widely available in Virginia

September 14, 2015

With rabbit season less than two months away, I checked in with Virginia Small Game Project Leader Marc Puckett to get some insights on how this quarry is faring in the state and the opportunities they offer hunters. As Puckett points out, even hunters without dogs can enjoy the sport of rabbit hunting. You just have to put on some brush pants and a canvas coat and get in the greenbriers and do the work the dogs normally do – hopefully with a friend along who’s ready to shoot when you flush out a cottontail or two.

Gerald Almy: Best lures for summer, fall river smallmouths

Gerald Almy

September 7, 2015

When the sun bears down hot and relentlessly during summer, few types of fishing offer more soothing relief than casting to river smallmouths. You can use a kayak, canoe or johnboat to get into fresh, lightly tapped stretches, but plan on wet wading in old jeans or khakis at least part of the day to stay cool when temperatures rise into the 80s and 90s.

Gerald Almy: Ponder a pond for your property


August 31, 2015

If you’re a hunter or angler and live on at least a few acres of land, you’ve probably had the fantasy: why not build a pond? You could hunt ducks and geese on it in fall, and the pond would serve double-duty and provide a private fishing lake that you can fish and manage as you please.

Gerald Almy: Dove season opens Sept. 5

Gerald Almy

August 24, 2015

It’s time to clean your shotguns, break out your camouflage clothing and shoot a few practice rounds. Dove hunting season is almost here.