Craig Murto: Restricting off-track activity

Craig Murto

February 10, 2016

Tony Stewart’s recent back injury and surgery brings attention to a question that comes up every now and the: Should racer’s off-track activity be restricted, and if so, how?

Gerald Almy: Live bait for winter bass action

February 8, 2016

Opening the bail of the spinning reel, I leaned forward and watched as line slowly slipped off the spool. Seconds later I set the hook on what would potentially be the largest bass of my life.

Gerald Almy: Harrisburg Outdoor Sports Show opens this weekend

Gerald Almy

February 2, 2016

The management of the National Rifle Association, sponsor of the massive outdoor sports show held each year in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, must be breathing a collective sigh of relief. If the recent blizzard with three-foot snows had fallen during their show dates this year, attendance would have no doubt been drastically curtailed.

Gerald Almy: Time to plan ahead for food plots


January 25, 2016

Yes, temperatures may be in the teens and the ground may be frozen as hard as concrete. But if you intend to put in food plots this spring or summer, now is the time to start thinking ahead and doing some planning and preparations.

Gerald Almy: Trolling for freshwater stripers


January 18, 2016

The weather was bitter cold as we trolled slowly along the lower reaches of Leesville Lake in south-central Virginia. But my cold fingers and face were the last thing on my mind when a rod suddenly bowed deep in its holder.

Gerald Almy: Top tactics for chain pickerel

Gerald Almy

January 11, 2016

If you’re looking for a fish to go after in the middle of winter, it would be hard to find a better quarry than the chain pickerel. Pickerel are fun to catch and bite even during the coldest weather.

Gerald Almy: Combo float hunts exciting

Gerald Almy

January 4, 2016

Floating silently in the river’s current, we watched intently downstream. The only movement was the soft sculling stroke of the paddle keeping us pointed straight ahead. Surely we would flush a squealing wood duck or squawking mallard any second.

Gerald Almy: Fishing show and schools on tap

Gerald Almy

December 28, 2015

With hunting seasons winding down, there are still plenty of entertaining and educational events for outdoors men and women to enjoy. Two of the most popular activities for this “off season” are visiting fishing and hunting shows and taking short courses on how to become a better angler.

Recreation Calendar

December 23, 2015

The following are some of the area recreational events that are being held:
First Day hike
Sky Meadows State Park

Gerald Almy: Time hollows right to move bucks easily

Gerald Almy

December 21, 2015

Halfway through the drive, I heard the unmistakable roar of a rifle. When I reached the top of the hollow, I was thrilled to find one of our group of hunters kneeling next to a big-bodied buck that the rest of us had jumped up and pushed towards him.

Gerald Almy: Deer hunt ends with chilling conclusion

Gerald Almy

December 14, 2015

After I had fired my .50 caliber muzzleloader at a doe on Veteran’s Day, I waited an hour, and then began my search for the deer. I had found a tiny amount of blood at the site, so I moved very slowly and carefully, looking for more sign or the deer itself.

Hunter’s photo

December 9, 2015

Gracie Ann Wilson, 10, of Strasburg, started her season on Youth Day with a doe and the second day with an 8-point buck. Courtesy photo

Recreation Calendar

December 8, 2015

The following are some of the area recreational events that are being held through Dec. 31:
Bird walk
Volunteers from

Gerald Almy: Hunt for whitetail deer finally leads to success

Gerald Almy

December 8, 2015

Deer season update: preliminary reports show a dramatic increase in the deer kill throughout the state and also in our own Shenandoah Valley. Regional biologist Fred Frenzel said “the deer look especially healthy this year. Some deer that you would think were 2-year olds turn out to be just yearlings when you look at their teeth. They found a lot of food somewhere.”

Nomadic by nature

Amy Hepner, a 2000 graduate of Central High School, completed a six-month hike of the Pacific Crest Trail in October.  Photo courtesy of Amy Hepner

December 6, 2015

Rarely does Amy Hepner stay in one place for very long.