A barrel of lilacs in the slave kitchen, and anger in Room 14

Wayside Inn

Visitors who walk through the lobby and stand next to the fireplace may get a chill

By Linda O’Dell Ash – lash@nvdaily.com

A paranormal event that occurred during one investigation at Wayside Inn had Spirit Watch paranormal investigators Clay Smith and Mike Crate reeling from the smell of lilacs.

“I mean not a lilac … a barrel of lilacs being poured over top of us. It was just, it kind of raised me up off the ground little bit,” Smith said, adding that “It was very enlightening. It wasn’t menacing.”

The men have linked what they experienced to what Smith’s wife Joy Andreasen perceived while in the inn’s slave kitchen, which is now a dining room.

“My wife was one of three sensitives that we brought in,” Smith said. “She picked up on a gentleman who smoked cigars, and his wife didn’t like it and she followed him with a perfume bottle.”

Both men said they’ve discovered a lot of paranormal activity in the slave kitchen and in Room 14, a suite on the inn’s second floor.


Photo: Room 14 is a hot spot of paranormal activity. Linda O’Dell Ash/Daily

In Room 14, Smith said the sensitives felt imprints of anger between a man and a woman left behind there.  He said he has gone into that room and felt ill.  

The sensitives, he said, also picked up on a woman who lost a child in that room. “She was waiting for a lover to come back.”

Among many of the EVP recordings they have made at the inn, they have one from Room 14 that sounds like a woman giggling and in another recording made in the slave kitchen the word “help” can be heard.   

The tavern, located in the rear of the inn, also has had some paranormal activity reported.

Photo: Paranormal activity has been reported in the bar at Wayside Inn. Linda O’Dell Ash/Daily

Smith said they have one EVP recording from a corner of the bar.  One of his team members is heard saying,  “Man, it’s freezing in this place,” and a voice on the EVP recording responds, “I feel hot.”

Other recordings have some of the investigators’ names being called, which Smith said was mimicing – “kind of making fun of you.”

Other areas of interest to paranormal investigators at the inn include the basement, where Crate recorded very high EMF readings, and a crawlspace under the inn.

Smith and Crate have returned to Wayside several times since their initial investigation in January 2011 and both say they enjoy their avocation.

“If you put enough lines in the water, you are going to catch something eventually,” Crate said.

And Smith said they investigate paranormal activity to learn.

“We’re not in it to just have a good time and stay up all night,” he said.  “After working 40 hours a week, reviewing evidence, you know we try to get to some conclusion or get some idea of what’s going on.  My longterm goal is to sit down and have a conversation with somebody who’s not there that I can record.”

He added that some people say leave the paranormal be.

“Well, maybe they (spirits) are trying to talk to us and nobody is listening,” Smith said.  “My personal opinion is that they are all around. We just don’t take time. We’re too busy in bricks and mortar to stop and listen, and think and feel and look into to find out.  There’s too many things that happen. It’s changed my life – it gives me a whole different perspective.”