Hupp’s Hill an active paranormal site above and below ground

Hupp’s Hill

Civil War-era spirits have been encountered at Hupp’s Hill

By Linda O’Dell Ash – lash@nvdaily.com

Hupp’s Hill, located off U.S. Route 11 in Strasburg, Va., has long been an attraction for history buffs who have enjoyed wandering through the woods and around the crescent-shaped trenches where Civil War cannons once were mounted.

Those with an interest in geology or in caves have also visited this hill overlooking the town of Strasburg to explore the caverns just below the surface.

And there are those with an interest in the supernatural, who have collected evidence of paranormal activity over the years both in the caverns and above ground.

Today, Hupp’s Hill is the home of the Hupp’s Hill Civil War Park, where visitors can still follow marked trails through the woods as well as visit the Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation’s museum.

Perhaps it’s the cavern’s crystals that draw spirits there, or maybe it’s the battle that raged above during the Civil War. One thing is certain, area paranormal investigators agree that the area is “alive” with supernatural phenomena. (Though paranormal groups may be a bit disappointed to discover that the caverns are not open to the public at this time)

Rusty Edmondson of the Shenandoah County-based Virginia Independent Paranormal Society has had some unusual experiences above and below ground at Hupp’s Hill.

He worked at Hupp’s Hill as a curator for several years and had some too close for comfort encounters with spirits there.

“The first thing that ever happened to me up there – sometime in late September, I started hearing this drum play by itself in the museum,” Edmondson said.

There also was an old hospital cot that had been donated to the museum that Edmondson says he believes was haunted. After making the bed with a reproduction blanket, he said “you could turn around and look at it and there would be an imprint of a body on it.”

The caverns, he said, are haunted with the spirits of Native Americans, Civil War soldiers and “there was a bunch of kids (ghosts) in there for some reason.”

He recalls one afternoon when he was in the caverns working on a bridge that the lights kept going out, then his hammer went missing, then a crowbar.

“This went on for two hours – we chased that stuff around the cave,” he said.

John Rossi of the Shenandoah Shadows paranormal group has investigated the hill several times and agrees that it is a “very active location” and “definitely worth going up and investigating.”

Photo: Lunettes, or crescent-shaped trenches used during the Civil War, can be found on the grounds of Hupp’s Hill Civil War Park. Linda O’Dell Ash/Daily

Rossi captured his first full-bodied image of an apparition at Hupp’s Hill.

“I sensed activity and was randomly taking photos,” Rossi recalls. “I was standing 20 to 30 feet away from one of the canon lunettes.”

What Rossi sensed was the spirit of what he believes to be a Civil War soldier.

The soldier was standing next to a tree, but Rossi said that while you could see a man dressed in powder blue uniform pants and a dark blue top, “from the neck up, there was nothing there.”