Wakefield primary and grammar schools hold closing ceremony

On May 31 in the evening, Wakefield Country Day School held its closing ceremony for its primary and grammar schools. Head of School Jessica Lindstrom presided and made introductory remarks.

Several seventh grade students performed, showing their talent and knowledge. Tyler Johnson played the banjo; Zoe Porterfield played piano; Chris O’Heir recited poetry and Douglas Griffin recited a speech from Henry V.

The highlight of the evening was a performance of “The King’s List” play by Bernie Cieplak, Tony Elar, Grayson Galeone, Griffin, Harmony Lindstrom, Porterfield, Jackson Romine and Landon Thede.

The play consists of a series of short skits about some of the more memorable kings of England, including Alfred the Great, William the Conqueror, John, Richard II, Henry VIII and more. Narrators read rhyming couplets about the monarchs while students acted out various events from their rule.

Wakefield seventh graders master the names of monarchs together with their key events as part of the British history curriculum.

Numerous awards for the year were given to student winners.

Also during the ceremony, Lindstrom paid tribute to retiring fourth grade teacher Christine Chatelain, who has been at the school for 11 years and praised and presented gifts to teacher Kathleen Weghorst and librarian Susanna Spencer.

The Rev. Jon Heddleston, a Wakefield past parent, gave both the invocation and the benediction. Refreshments following the ceremony were provided by parents of the participating students.