Letter to the Editor: Don’t start school before the fair


I moved to Woodstock six years ago from Pennsylvania. Until last year I was just a tourist at the fair eating granola ice cream and watching my kids go around and around on the bumble bee. Last year, I experienced the fair through my good friends. They were kids at the fair and now going to the fair with their kids.They showed me that the fair was far more than ice cream and collecting pens from local vendors and organizations — it was all about families and making and reliving memories.

My friends have children who work year round caring for their animals to be shown at the fair. The fair was a different experience for us last year: goat and sheep shows, kids activities, learning about a variety of animals — even what happens to the animals after they were sold and learning about what animals eat, my kids riding on the barrel train, going to the police tent every day to meet the different officers, and of course we still ate granola ice cream.

I saw families spend days together in support of their children and animals. Grandparents take pictures of the grandkids and tell them stories of when their parents were small and at the fair. Kids gained independence while they were allowed to walk around with their friends and have an allowance to spend. I would be so saddened if the School Board voted to start the school year three days early and destroy this family tradition.

Pam Kassis, Woodstock