Other laws that took effect Jan. 1

The wholesale gasoline increase is not the only new Virginia state law that took effect Jan. 1. Here are some more:

  • Virginia has now lowered the age of in-person driver’s license renewal from 80 to 75. Senior citizen drivers of that age must also pass a vision exam at the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles and must renew their driver’s licenses every five years instead of eight.
  • It is now a misdemeanor to fence in a fox or coyote for the purpose of chasing, hunting or killing the animal with dogs. However, the law exempts foxhound training preserves that operate under a permit issued by Jan. 1, 2014 by the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries until July 1, 2054.
  • House bill 1089, which took effect Jan. 1, clarifies the definition of agricultural products under the state code by specifying when localities may not require a special permit for agriculture activities. Agricultural products are now defined as livestock, fish farms, poultry, crops, flowers, grapes and trees.