Letter to the Editor: A new approach to drug addiction needed


Drug addiction — we need a new approach.

We are losing our kids. Not a day goes by that you can’t pick up the paper and see another article related to drugs. This isn’t happening to “that family down the road,” it is happening to all families, regardless of social status.

The battle of addiction takes a heavy toll on families and our communities. Locking these young people up is not solving our problem, it is perpetuating it. These young people don’t think how trying this drug today is going to change the course of their life. That is the beauty of youth, and also the curse. They think addiction happens to someone else.

Their parents think addition happens to someone else, until they are consumed by it.

Our health care system puts limits on rehab and counseling like there is some magic number to healing the mind. We put them in prison where they really learn to live like a criminal. Their drug problem is ignored and probably fed.

Life after prison is difficult, employment options are limited and resuming family relations is strained. All the struggles they had that probably led to the addiction are now compounded and life is an even bigger struggle.

Most go back to drugs and end up back in prison; others overdose. And so the cycle goes; another parent’s heart breaks and another child is lost.

We need to fix this. We owe it to those we have lost and those we will lose tomorrow. Parents can’t do it alone. They can’t love them enough to win over the addiction. Our communities need to find new ways, we are losing our kids.

Jennifer Adamy, Quicksburg