Letter to the Editor: VDOT’s bridge solution not the best one


One would assume that our local government would be working for all its constituents. However, Warren County seems to dance to a different beat.

Our supervisor has gone so far as to have the county government set up a petition in favor of his bridge idea. No input or discussion from anyone else, no poll or vote for or against.

If a new 40-ton bridge is necessary, it should be placed in a strategic position for commuters and shoppers to get closer to their destinations rather than making a speedway of the rural roads in our agricultural district.

These roads are part of a conservation district and widening should not happen. It will become another battle where more tragedies will occur as a result of the nature of these roads. Cost is usually a part of most decisions, however, this is not deemed necessary by our local government.

There are design options that are site motivated and not as expensive as the design proposed by the Virginia Department of Transportation. In a similar manner as to the lack of an air quality study for the new power plant, there has been no ecological study for the bridge area.

While many counties embrace their historical past, Warren seems determined to bury theirs under concrete. George Washington’s crossing as well as the site of a free slave enclave will be obliterated.

If anyone enjoys summer days fishing, tubing, experiencing nature at the bridge, spell out your concerns at the unpublic hearing. It matters to local officials no more than scenic road and river designations ending at the border with Clarke. The great canoe capital of the world designation is a photo op for administrators rather than anything of substance for the tourist industry.

At the “public hearing” where only VDOT and county officials are allowed to speak, there will be handouts to show other options that are more sensitive, cheaper, and solve the problems at Morgan’s Ford. There is no opportunity to select, there will only be what VDOT gives you, which is not the best solution for the citizens of Warren.

Susan Chatfield-Taylor, Front Royal