Chiropractor opens new office to help community with weight loss

Dr. Michael Pasternack

Dr. Michael A. Pasternack, of Family Chiropractic Center in Winchester, is on mission to help families stay healthy. He has recently taken on a new challenge by bringing his new business, Virginia Fat Loss, to the area.

“Heart attack is the number one killer year after year,” Pasternack said. “I want to help as many people as possible regain their health and reduce their risk of death from heart disease and complications of diabetes.”

Pasternack will continue to serve his Family Chiropractic Center clients in his Winchester office at 609 Cedar Creek Grade, Suite B, Winchester. He has opened a new office for his weight loss patients at 1014 Amherst St., Suite 204, Winchester.

“I have separated the two offices, so we can best serve our community,” Pasternack said.

Pasternack uses a new approach to weight loss called NRF Technology, or NutriMost Resonant Frequency Technology, created by Dr. Ray Wisniewski.

Pasternack said NRF Technology allows the body to shed pounds quicker. It also works with each person’s individual body type and is customized.

“This is the only program to assess over 2,800 different factors involved with fat burning and fat storage,” he said, “…this program gets you into a state of autophagy, where your body can start to heal from the inside out. This is a permanent weight loss. Ninety-five percent or higher of clients have kept the weight off for over two years.”

He said he does not use any drugs or medications while using the NRF Technology and noted that it puts the client into a fat burning zone.

“Once in this perfect fat burning zone, you feel euphoric and the results are truly amazing,” he said.

“We are getting results, where all other programs have failed. You will not be hungry. There are no cravings. This program resets metabolism, meaning the clients will have more energy … And that is why people should look into this system,” he said.

Pasternack added that he is looking forward to sharing weight loss success stories with his new clients. His website, www.virginiafatloss.com, states individuals could lose 25-37 pounds in 40 days under the doctor-supervised program.

Pasternack has been practicing in his field for 24 years and serving the community in the Winchester/Stephen City area for the last 17 years. Contact him at Family Chiropractic Care at 540-545-7891. The website is www.winchestergethealthy.com. Contact him at Virginia Fat Loss at 540-811-THIN. The website is www.virginiafatloss.com.