Letter to the Editor: Positive results change opinion on chiropractors


A dagger in my lower spine — this was my condition for nearly 50 years, but I fault myself for not seeking the “proper” treatment many years ago.

As a young man I injured my back and was diagnosed with “strained” muscles and was rendered “hot pack” treatments, but the pain didn’t ease.

As time went on, the pain worsened and I was rendered more “hot pack” treatments along with cortisone injections and eventually pain medication and later to wearing a back brace.

I never liked taking any type of pill or taking needles in my spine. I discontinued both after a period of time, and the brace merely reminded me that I had a back problem.

At no time did I consider surgery or chiropractic treatments because surgery scared me and I thought chiropractors were quacks, so I learned to live with the pain.

Long trips were a back pain nightmare because my back locked up like it had a dagger in it and afterwards walking was difficult.

In 2003, an orthopedic surgeon diagnosed me with degeneration of the lower spine. This concerned me because I thought one day I might be wheelchair bound. I still didn’t consider surgery or chiropractic treatment, but I did become more careful in my activities.

In early May 2014, after a physical, I asked my doctor his view about chiropractors and he said there’s good and bad in all professions.

In late May 2014, I visited a chiropractor and after a consultation and back X-rays, the doctor began treating my spine.

After several treatments, the pain began subsiding and after several more treatments, the pain was gone. The doctor certainly changed my view about chiropractors because the dagger was removed from my spine without surgery or medication.

Al Asbury, Mount Jackson