Letter to the Editor: This Republican may vote for Hillary Clinton



In November, we Americans will choose a new president. As of now, it appears we will choose between Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton. I do not favor either individual, nor do I think either one should be in the Oval Office.

I will vote. It is my civic duty to do so. I will be watching closely to see who each candidate chooses as a  running mate. My vote will be cast for one of the vice presidential candidates. Whichever running mate seems to be the stronger will earn my vote for the party.

As a Republican, I hope Mr. Trump selects a solid running mate, but if he does not, and Mrs. Clinton should select, in my opinion, a stronger running mate, then I will vote for the Democratic Party for the first time.

I find it very hard to believe that out of millions of Americans, these two individuals are the best we have to offer. I hope Mr. Trump will pull through, but if not, it’s a vote for Hillary. What a thought!

Robert C. Rinehimer, New Market