Letter to the Editor: Founding Fathers fought for freedom


You have printed Mr. Schmookler’s article about “hate” (Opinion, June 25). He lists many historically murderous movements. Then he cleverly includes the name of the presumed Republican Party’s presidential candidate, Donald Trump, in several sentences hoping Americans will form a connection.

Schmookler did, however, fail to mention in his list a man named Mohammed and his conquering army. They created a form of government and called it a religion. His conquering army invaded and the people were subjugated, submitted or died. Read the Koran; it’s available at our library. Knowledge from the source is very valuable.

Hillary Clinton, President Obama and presumably Mr. Schmookler are fans of globalism. This is the system voters in Great Britain just voted to resign from. They resigned from rule by a foreign entity, the European Union, which is an unelected body of people, based in Belgium, over which the British held no power.

Our Fourth of July is coming right up. In 1776, our independence was declared by men voting the same way. America’s Declaration of Independence was signed by men who knew the penalty for high treason against the king: hanging by the neck but cut down while still alive, his bowels were to be cut out and burned. Then his head was to be cut off his body and cut into four pieces. His property was forfeited and his family and heirs prohibited from owning property or conducting business.

Surely, America’s founders knew how precious independence and freedom from foreign power were. They did not risk all because of hate. They fought for love. Love of freedom and independence and so, too, will Donald Trump.

Patricia Botts, Fort Valley