Letter to the Editor: Strasburg’s new murals are ugly


I am a Strasburg hometown gal who has a right to voice her opinion, thanks for living in this wonderful U.S.A. Beautify our town! Yes, I believe in this, as our town has always been a beautiful country town with wonderful people I love and care about; with folks who like to keep their homes and shops neat and well kept with flowers and flags and trees as proud Americans. I do not know who OK’d the ugly, unsightly paintings or so-called murals that have appeared on some walls on our downtown streets. How sad! Beautify our town? I love art and no one appreciates good art more than me! But! This! Well! To each his own!

The natural murals we have in our town are overwhelming. Have you driven up the hill to Stoney Point, Massanutten Heights or by the water tanks and looked over the town surrounded by the mountains? Close your eyes and dream – what a mural! Drive to the Riverview Cemetery and look over the football field with the water sprinklers watering our ballfield and school grounds. You can just hear the cheers and paint a beautiful mural! Drive to the Signal Knob Road section of town and look over the fields with such gorgeous farm lands, animals and mountains. What a magnificent mural! God has been good to us and we are so blessed. Let each of us continue to pray in our own way for God to continue to help us beautify our awesome town.

Look up and down our streets on July 4 with our town of flags. What a mural! Look over the graves on Memorial Day weekend at Riverview Cemetery with all the flags of our veterans. What a mural! I like progress, but remember beauty and common sense go with progress.

Well just take it for what it’s worth, who am I? Just a little “old” widow who has lived in Strasburg who loves her town. I try to live by the Golden Rule and hate to see neighbors have these paintings pushed in their faces.

Eva Mae Pifer, Strasburg