Letter to the Editor: Trump wants to fight for America


I found the Republican National Convention to be on point with the message and up front with the facts. Make America safe again, make America work again, make America first again, make America one again.

Each of those themes have three words in common: make America again. Efforts to reform America have taken a regrettable toll since 2009. Our next president must be determined to restore the values in America for which so many fought and died to make a reality.

Terrorist attacks have claimed American lives in New York, at Fort Hood, in Boston, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in San Bernardino, California, and in Orlando, Florida. Our  president’s hot air swagger about junior varsity teams, red lines, and diplomacy only fanned the flames of radical intent.  Citizens of America are entitled to the security that prevailed prior to any half baked visions about reforming America. Our next president should stand firm on restoring the security that America earned.

Our economy remains stagnant with outstanding public debt at $19.4 trillion. Total spending remains out of control, family income is down, economic growth is a paltry 1 percent,  real unemployment is nearly 8 percent, and 94 million Americans are out of work. Efforts by this president to restore the economy was a flop even after eight years of opportunity.

The United States has been a recognized world power since 1945, according to most military scholars, with the respect and admiration accorded to that status. Under Obama, much of that respect has been downgraded to tolerance and sometimes to ridicule. How could Americans be OK with a transformation attempt that results in the loss of respect and status that required 170 years to earn?  The challenge now is to restore what has been lost.

In my opinion, Hillary Clinton has no intention of restoring what was lost, and every intention of following Mr. Obama’s lead. I know that I cannot believe her but I want to believe Donald Trump. I’m convinced that he wants to fight for the America that I grew up in and for that reason, I trust him.

Leroy Donald, Stephens City