Your Views: Readers offer opinions on candidates

Earlier this month, the Northern Virginia Daily asked online readers and print subscribers who they would vote for in the presidential race if today were Election Day.

There were 228 readers who responded to the informal poll. Of those, 50.21 percent said they would vote for Republican candidate Donald Trump. Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton drew 39.48 percent of the vote and “Other” drew 10.3 percent.

The majority of responses – 32.89 percent – were from readers living in Warren County. The rest were from Shenandoah County – 30.7 percent, Frederick County – 24.12 percent, and 12.28 percent were from “Other.”

Some readers offered their opinion on their choices. Here are some of their comments:

“I am so disgusted with both candidates.”

“I wish Donald Trump would become more humble.”

“I’m never for Hillary…but I am reluctantly for Trump.”

“Make America Great Again.”

“Most suited to be president – Hillary is not trustworthy.”

“Trump is finally the one we need in Washington.”

“Mr. Johnson is not confined by any idealogy.”

“Clinton needs to be in prison.”

“Not much to choose from.”

“There is not a dime’s worth of difference between the two (George Wallace).”

“Why don’t the committees support the best man/person?”

“He is not a politician. Politicians have killed and gave away this country.”

“This is a vote against Trump. I would vote for Jill Stein if she had a chance of winning.”

“Please do not let Donald Trump be our next president, it will not be a good thing.”

“She’s the competent one.”

“If Clinton is elected, the country as you know it will no longer be. Clinton would be owned by so many people, she would have to do their bidding. Let’s appoint someone who owes no one. Amen.”

“She is presidential.”

“Two very poor choices. How did we get this bad ?”

“I am not thrilled with Trump, but he is far better than Hilary.”

“We need something different in Washington besides all the usual. Trump isn’t one of them and not afraid to stand up and go outside to make us great again.”

“It cannot be Trump!”

“88 generals can’t be wrong.”

“We do not need any more years of Obama.”

“Hillary only.”

“We are screwed.”

“Trump does not have knowledge to be President.”

“I believe in freedom.”

“Praying for his election.”

“Trump is too immature, too egotistical, and too hot headed to be a president. He would be a fiasco.”

“How in the world would any sane person consider Trump?”

“Republican and Democrat are the same old garbage.”

“Clinton’s capacity for lying makes Richard Nixon look like a choir boy.”

“How can anyone vote for Trump when they see how he treated the Khans – even if you really think the Democrats put them on the convention stage for political purposes? Trump took the bait hook, line and sinker.”

“HRC is not morally or physically equipped to serve this country in any capacity.”

“Strong support for Hillary.”

“A very unusual election year.”

“I’m sick and tired of this e-mail stuff, she was not the only Sec. State that use a private server. Rice and Powell, but of course they were and are Republicans. Go figure. Enough is enough., There are more important issues to address.”

“Hillary For PRISON!”

“Hilary Clinton knows how government, politics, and the world works. That knowledge will enable her to do her best for all of us.”