Letter to the Editor: Is Donald Trump a leader, or not?


I have friends genuinely afraid for themselves given the tenor of President-elect Donald Trump’s words and actions during the campaign. I don’t have access to him, but if I did, this is what I would say to him:

Hello President-elect Trump,

Congratulations on your win. Your success was unbelievable to most people on both sides. I want to believe the people who voted for you did so for economic and conservative ideological reasons (pro-life, small government, right to bear arms, etc.) – not because you are a reflection of their own racist, misogynist, xenophobic, homophobic selves.

The half of Americans who didn’t vote for you are afraid – especially those who are people of color, women, immigrants, LGBT, special needs or any combination thereof because you and your attitudes will inform public policy and public discourse.

I’ve heard countless comments come from your own mouth that show a lack of respect for these groups. Some of your remarks, in fact, would strip people of their human dignity, if it were in your power to do so. Fortunately, it is not.

I want to believe that most Americans, regardless of their political affiliation, have respect for all people.

I want to believe that you do in spite of everything I’ve heard you say.

Instead of wondering about it, I’m asking you directly – what is your intention via your words, your actions, your attitudes regarding people in these groups, which in essence are “we the people,” as we are one – or should be. Your words, actions and attitudes have the ability to further inflame, or they can become a balm, depending on their tone and content.

We don’t need hateful remarks, sarcasm, arrogance – all which breed the same in return.

We need you to lead with intelligence, decisiveness, confidence and self-control, but we also need you to be humble, inclusive, just, compassionate and honorable.

Are you that leader or not?

Are you that man or not?

I need to know.

I need to know if the half who didn’t vote for you, do indeed, need to fear.

With love for my country,

Lisa Mikitarian, Woodstock