Letter to the Editor: Return to responsible leadership


I first met Dennis Morris in the 1980s while applying for a special use permit for my farm. Although not his district, Dennis made a site visit to the farm to evaluate my request. I knew then that Dennis is a supervisor who does his homework.

A decade later, I became the director of the Department of Social Services and had many chances to see how Dennis fulfilled his role as a supervisor from District 5. As a board member and sometimes as chairman of the board Dennis treated everyone, including other board members, with respect, friendliness and an open mind. I saw that he spent hours beyond just board meetings researching issues in order to make the best possible decisions for the county.

Dennis has a remarkable ability to instantly make everyone feel comfortable. One example was his welcoming of 4H kids who came to make a presentation to the board while Dennis was chairman. The kids were nervous in approaching the podium but Dennis was so friendly, warm, and engaging that the presentations went very well. When the kids turned around to take their seats they were relaxed, happy, and smiling from ear to ear.

Most people agree that we have a gem of a county and a great place to raise a family. Great counties do not just happen. They are made to happen by positive and responsible leadership. Dennis provided this leadership and has been a critical part of making the decisions and setting the policies that made our county a gem. We need a return to responsible leadership to maintain our county as a great place to live to raise families and to educate our children.

John Ayers, Edinburg