Letter to the Editor: GOP: Missing in action


After last week’s events, I’m wondering what the Republican Party stands for these days.  In past elections Republican candidates would proclaim that their party was the party that would reduce the national debt, provide law and order, family values and national security.   They were the party that would take a hard line against Russia’s threats.  I’d like to address why the party no longer can claim these ideals.  

National debt:  The party was against Obama’s deficits but are now for Republicans’ deficits?  The new budget will raise the deficit $1 trillion yearly!  A trillion is a million millions!  

Law and order: The Department of Justice and the FBI provide leadership to our nation’s law enforcement.  Seems to me the Republican Party has turned against the Department of Justice and the FBI, accusing them of incompetence and biased conduct while not providing facts supporting their claims.  Even more confusing: the leaders of these agencies are Republicans who were recently confirmed by congressional members of their party!

Family values:  The party endorses an alleged pedophile for a Senate candidate; supports a thrice-married president who, we heard with our own ears, brags about being able to grab a woman’s private body parts; and there are multiple instances of women having confessed they were forcefully kissed by him against their wishes?  The party upholds their president allegedly having an affair with a porn star four months after his wife gives birth to his son?  Alleged wife abusers held senior White House staff positions?  What’s going on?  

Hard line against Russia:  Why hasn’t the Republican Party established any safeguards to protect our country from another interference in our elections?  Was a Commission on Voter Fraud more important?   Why haven’t any new sanctions been imposed for Putin’s interference in the 2017 general election?  We’re talking about Russia.  Russia!  

National security:  Why is the Republican Party silently standing by while the president tweets childish playground taunts to North Korea? I do not feel secure when our president sends messages alienating our loyal allies.  Will they provide us support in the future?

Michele House, Star Tannery