Winchester office solutions company forgoes cheap prices for service

WOODSTOCK – Miller’s Supplies At Work sprang out of a beauty shop in Lorton, Virginia, growing and swallowing up competitors until it bought BK Office Supply, Inc., in Winchester in 2016.

With the acquisition, Miller’s kept on Jody Dorsey from BK. He now serves as an account executive for the company, selling office supplies — not just pens and pencils, but furniture, custom printing, custodial equipment and more — to a slice of the Shenandoah Valley from Stephens City down to Harrisonburg.

During his presentation to the Shenandoah County Chamber of Commerce Tuesday, Dorsey emphasized that Miller’s value proposition is not price, but its service.

“There’s always going to be somebody out there that’s going to sell it cheaper than what I can,” he said. “But in many cases, cheaper also means they’re cutting out something else. And what are they cutting out? People like me.”

The company’s tagline is “You’ll Feel Like Our Only Customer.” Dorsey said he prioritizes frequent face-to-face meetings with clients, a lenient return policy, free shipping on all office supply shipments and working with clients to determine needs specific to their businesses.

Without naming specific companies, Dorsey said he was able to help one company save money and time by switching their cleaning supplies from single bottles to refillable bottles, and helped another company decide between replacing old equipment or upgrading.

“I’ve taken a lot of business from my major competitor down the valley. I’ve taken a lot of it, because of going in and talking to them (clients),” Dorset said. “They all ask me the same thing, ‘What’s the difference between you and those other guys?’ I said, ‘Me.'”

Several attendees voiced their own accolades for Miller’s, including Denise Snapp of City National Bank, who said that when she orders paper or other office supplies, the Miller’s delivery person doesn’t just plop the package down at the front door.

“No matter who delivers, they have instructions on where to go and what to do with it,” Snapp said. “Those guys will put it wherever you ask. And even if it’s someone new, they already know where to put it.”

Dorsey noted that Miller’s delivers to specific floors for a company down in Harrisonburg.

The local branch of Miller’s is located in Winchester on Martinsburg Pike with 12 employees, nine of them account executives like Dorsey. He estimated the overall company has somewhere in the ballpark of 165 companies.