Improve balance with strength training, dance parties

Jill Eisentrout, 55, of Woodstock, Brenda Hiseman, 66, of Strasburg ,and Rochella Strother, 82, of Strasburg, lift weights at Anytime Fitness. Ashley Miller/Daily

STRASBURG – Jill Eisentrout, trainer at Anytime Fitness, teaches “Fitness for 50+” each Monday, Wednesday and Friday for individuals over 50 looking to maintain their strength and balance.

“Stability and balance really deteriorate if you don’t use them,” Eisentrout said. “As we age, there are changes in our inner ear that can add to a loss of balance, vertigo and the feeling of dizziness upon standing.”

In her class, Eisentrout teaches 10 to 15 women and a man the importance of stability for the foot complex, knee complex and hip complex and how to keep them working together.

“The little muscles on the sides of your ankle, knees and internal hip,” she said. “To really challenge them to do this on one foot, we switch back and forth. We work on lateral muscles and lower back.”

Strength training is another area Eisentrout works on with her class.

Lorane Orndorff, 68, of Middletown, does the butterfly, a hamstring stretch. Ashley Miller/Daily

“People don’t think about their upper body strength being important to stability,” she said. “When a senior falls on the floor and they can’t get themselves up because they don’t have the strength to push to a sitting position or use the furniture to hold themselves up, then that can be problematic.”

Rochella Strother, 82 of Strasbur, loves going to the gym. She’s been working out for over a year and said she mainly does it for her health.

“I love the class and Jill,” she said. “The stretching, cardio and Friday’s dance parties are my favorite activities. But I really love it all.”

Brenda Copeland, 66, of Strasburg, joined the gym to improve and maintain her heath. She said she really enjoys the new friendships she’s made but most importantly she said she feels better overall after working out.

“Before I was coming, I lacked balance,” she said. “Now I’m stronger, my balance has dramatically improved.”

Bev Richard, 58, of Strasburg, works on her core. Ashley Miller/Daily

Bev Richard, 58 of Strasburg, joined the gym in December, 10 weeks after having a knee replacement.

“Jill’s class is very inline with what I did at physical therapy,” she said, adding that she enjoyed the classes so much that she ended up leaving physical therapy. She said she enjoys core and strength the most.

Strasburg Anytime Fitness owner Alice Muellerweiss  said  10 percent of the gym’s members are over age 50.

“I joke that we’re all BFF’s here,” Muellerweiss said. “Best fitness friends.”

Muellerweiss prides herself on having a team that is able to provide the necessary care for people of all ages.

Rochella Strother, 82, of Strasburg, does walking planks. Ashley Miller/Daily

“Being a tighter community does that heart good,” she said. “Within 10 miles of us there are 12,000 silver sneakers who could be taking advantage of a gym membership. They just aren’t aware of what we offer.”

Classes include yoga, level up, a boot camp-style workout and nutrition.

“We’re always looking to add new classes and activities,” she said.

More information:  www.anytimefitness.com