Pet of the Week: ‘Super sweet’ cats seek a home together

Boots and Trigger are in need of a home together. Josh Gully/Daily

WINCHESTER – Two old friends are hoping to stay together in their journey of finding a new home.

Boots and Trigger, two domestic short-haired cats, arrived at the Frederick County Esther Boyd Animal Shelter in January in what caretaker Dana Lichliter said was a “custody release” in which a family member of their previous owner brought them to the shelter.

Besides that, Lichliter said she does not know much about their lives before arriving at the shelter.

Lichliter said that while Boots and Trigger were a bit skittish when they first arrived, they have since become laid-back and affectionate cats who love to be petted. She said the pair would be a good fit for an owner looking for a couple of “lap cats.”

“They’ve got great personalities,” Lichliter said. “They’re not real playful, but they are super sweet.”

The cats are between 7 and 9 years old, and Lichliter said they are generally healthy. She noted that Boots had a hematoma on his ears, which has been cured but resulted in “cauliflower” ears that will remain. She added that he occasionally has issues with his “back-end,” which can get tender and sensitive.

She said it would be best if Boots and Trigger were adopted together because they complement each other nicely and they have been together their whole lives.

“I don’t think they would do well without one another,” she said.

The fee to adopt the two neutered cats is $30. For more information, call the shelter at 540-667-9192 or visit 161 Fort Collier Road, Winchester.