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A healthy family plans time together

When was the last time your family did something fun together? If you can't remember, you are not alone. 

 These days, busy families have a hard time fitting fun activities into the schedule. But time for "kicking back" and relaxing is important to your family's health. 

1) Find some time for a fun activity together as a family each week. 
2) Let family members also have time each week to do fun things alone or with their friends. 
3) Encourage individual family members to share interests and time together (couple activities, parent-child activities, sibling activities). 
4) Take a second look at your busy schedule and ask yourselves some questions: Why are the activities we are involved in important to us (work, sports, clubs, lessons)? What things do these activities replace (time for family fun, reading, or enjoying a hobby)? How do these activities affect our family life? Are these activities worth the effort? 
5) Use television and electronics wisely. Carefully select programs or games that are important to the family. Don't use technology as "filler," looking for something to do just to pass the time. Set limits on the number of "screen" hours. 
6) Plan time together. Extra time will not just "appear" in a hectic schedule. But if you plan ahead, mark family events on a calendar, and work together, you will discover creative ways to fit family fun into your schedule. And your family will be healthier, too! 

Source: Traits of a Healthy Family, by Dolores Curran, 1983, pp. 164-185

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