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Working toward a healthy weight over 50, Part 2

Water, what can it do for you?

Can water play a role in weight management for folks over 50? In 2008, Brenda Davy, Associate Professor of Human Nutrition and Exercise at Virginia Tech, completed research in this area. Her findings suggest:

1) Consuming 2 cups of water just prior to a meal and during a meal may help to reduce the number of calories a person consumes.
2) Replacing sweetened beverages with water may be a helpful weight strategy.
3) Generally, water drinkers consume fewer calories than non-water drinkers and have healthier eating patterns.

There are many other reasons for consuming water and other healthful beverages on a daily basis. Fifty to 75 percent (10-12 gallons) of the human body is water and according to an American Dietetic Association publication, we can lose up to 10 cups a day as a result of normal daily body functions. We need water to:
1) transport nutrients and oxygen throughout our bodies,
2) keep our tissues and skin healthy,
3) promote proper elimination,
4) keep joints lubricated,
5) and much, much more!

We obtain approximately 80 percent of our water through fluids and 20% from foods. Healthy adults need at least 8 ounces of water by consuming fluids every day. Exercise and warm weather will increase a person's fluid requirement. Some signs of dehydration may be:
1) thirst and dry mouth
2) fatigue
3) dizziness and weakness
4) increase in body temperature
5) dark, yellow colored urine

Here are some low-calorie fluids that will work with any healthy eating plan:
• Water
• Decaffeinated tea or coffee
• Skim milk
• Lemon water
• Fruit juices that do not have sugar added (try mixing 4 ounces of juice with 4 ounces of water)

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