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It's not all about you!

Applying to a company without targeting your application to the needs of the company is a lot like getting tons of spam in your e-mail inbox. Do you really take time to open those spam e-mails to figure out what product or service some unknown entity is trying to sell you that you are not in the market for? I told you in my last post how much I love analogies! Anyway, employers are not going to pay attention to you unless they know what you can do for them.

Please be realistic. You have a job for one reason: to solve a company's problem. Stop focusing on what your strengths are and start focusing on how your strengths can help the company you'd like to work for.

Making sure you target your cover letter to address the needs of each company you apply to is the only way to get noticed. Take the time to learn about a firm before you apply.

Cater your cover letter and interview to how you can directly contribute to their business. Every part of your communication should be them-oriented instead of you-oriented, from the first word in your cover letter. Instead of writing, 'Dear Mr. Smith, I'm interested in a job at XYZ ...' your letter should start with 'Dear Mr. Smith, You have an exciting position at XYZ that I'm interested in ...'. Just making the first word 'you' versus 'I' is the start of a myriad of ways to be company-oriented."

Remember to focus your job search on the needs of employers and how you can make their organization a better one. Employers are no longer just looking for 'qualified candidates' but rather those who will go above and beyond to justify their presence, so job seekers really need to stay ahead of the curve and lay their best assets on the table.

Out of all the tips I have provided for you folks, honestly, I think this may be the most important bit of information I can tell you!

I hope that those of you who have been out of work a while and following my blog are seeing better results in your confidence and job search efforts. I love feedback, so feel free to let me know how things are going.


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