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Knowing when to keep quiet!

We have become a society of excess; super-sized meals, SUVs, 72" wide screen 3D televisions and too much talk. It seems, particularly on reality shows, people just keep running their mouths saying the stupidest stuff! Don't be one of those individuals who rambles on and on in a job interview. People have a tendency to provide too much unnecessary information that can bore the interviewer or even worse, say something that jeopardizes their chances of landing the job!

If you have been terminated or have a criminal record, you do need to be truthful, but keep the explanation brief. Know when to stop talking. Like Miranda Rights, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law, or in this case a hiring decision. In an interview, it is important to answer questions directly and to the point. If asked why you are no longer employed with ABC Company and you answer something like your boss was a jerk and you told him he could take his job and shove it, you are providing too much information. Rephrased and to the point, the reason I am no longer employed at ABC Company is because my supervisor and I had irreconcilable work ethics. OK, understandable, it happens. Next question...

Many companies limit the interview time to 30 minutes. You want your answers to be short, focused and to the point. If you are not sure if you have given enough information, simply ask, "Did I answer that sufficiently for you, or would you like more details?"

As you prepare for your next job interview, keep in mind your response to interview questions should be clear, concise and exude confidence in yourself!

Good luck!


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