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When you are looking for work, you are always 'on stage!'

Whether you like it or not, if you are unemployed you are on an "interview" the minute you leave your house. You never know who you may run into. With 80 percent of jobs filled through some type of social or professional networking, it is crucial that you professionally present yourself all the time! Everyone is judged each day by those they come in contact with, whether you are employed or not. Competition for jobs is tougher than ever and you want to make sure you are sending out the message that you are a professional and serious about becoming re-employed.

As I have said, networking can happen anywhere, at anytime. Each day if you look around you can see distasteful T-shirt graphics, piercing and offensive hygiene everywhere you go! What if you are running errands in your Hooter's T-shirt and favorite sweatpants and you happen to run into an individual who could help with a job lead? Ask yourself: What kind of message am I sending? Remember, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression." I probably sound like I am lecturing, but I wouldn't blog about it if it did not seem to be a real problem for a lot of folks!

Please also consider what your e-mail address says about you. I seriously have seen an email address "doubleddsinWV@whatever.com" and cultlover666@whatever.com. Hmm, I am getting a mental picture here and it is not of someone I would consider for most job openings!

Remember, if you are unemployed, everywhere you go, you are "on an interview." What you wear, your level of hygiene, and what you say and do is observed. You never know who is in a position to give you a job. Your are judged by your e-mail address and your voice mail messages. It might be fun to "be yourself," and to be the life of the party, but during these economic times, you have lots of competition in the job market. Make sure you always make a positive and professional first impression!


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