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Pre-employment tests

In the complicated world of job applications, we are encountering a whole new beast -- the pre-employment test. Your eyes are crossed and your head is pounding as you reach what you think is the end of an online employment application and much to your dismay, the application includes an aptitude, skills and/or personality test. Great.

You think to yourself, I have already invested over an hour in this company and I am not even on the payroll! Now they want me to take a test? Why?

With the avalanche of applications companies receive, there needs to be a way for the human resources department to quickly determine a candidate's ability to do the required work. While a resume provides an overview of what an applicant says his skills are, a pre-qualification test proves whether or not he can actually do what he says he can do!

The hiring process can be costly to a company. It takes time and personnel to screen and interview job candidates as well as train new hires. Making a bad hiring decision means lost time and money. Companies are using aptitude tests (which measure your knowledge, skills and abilities) as well as personality tests (tests of integrity and personal orientation toward a specific job) as methods to decipher who are the best candidates to spend time interviewing.

It seems like job applications are getting longer, more complex and probing, but with it being "an employers market" you better get used to jumping through hoops and taking tests! Sorry for the reality check!

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