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Sam's 'You know you've been unemployed a while when' list

At this time of the year stress levels can begin to peak, so I thought I would put this list out there with the intention of providing you little laugh. I am by no means making light of being unemployed, but seeing I had been laid off a while before I found this job, I can relate to almost all of these!

1. When the toughest decision of the day was whether to have SpaghettiO's® with meatballs or Ramen Noodles for lunch.

2. Your motto becomes: Use it up, wear it out, work with what you've got...or do without.

3. When you are looking forward to that unsolicited call from the investment/insurance sales recruiter just so you have someone to talk to.

4. Obeying all traffic laws to avoid fines.

5. Goodwill has become your Macy's.

6. Putting off that divorce because you can't afford one.

7. The largest amount of green you have is the mold in the back of the refrigerator.

8. When you start "stocking" up on condiments from 7-11.

9. Becoming addicted to any TV show in a marathon.

10. Going to the library is your highlight of the week.

11. Getting out of your loungewear annoys you.

12. Every room, drawer and cabinet in your house is organized and alphabetized.

13. Being an unemployment resource when friends get laid off.

14. Claiming "It's not cold enough to turn on the heater."

15. Successfully figured out how to use all the remote controls and electronic devices in your home.

16. When your highlight of the day is walking to the mailbox.

17. You accept the dinner invitation to your in-laws.

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