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The job search game

If you have been looking for employment opportunities for a while now, it is easy to get frustrated, burnt out and lose enthusiasm. A good way to refuel your motivation is to turn your job search into a "Rewards Points" game.

The "Rewards Points" game originates from the rewards programs credit cards offer - you know, the more you spend, the more points/cash back you receive.

In the case of job-hunting, set up a system where, for example, if you send five resumes or applications a week, you reward yourself 10 points. For each person you network with, you give yourself two points. An interview may earn 15 points.

Determine what kinds of rewards you value and assign them a point ranking. For example, if you earn 10 points, you may treat yourself to a pizza. Save up to 30 points and you reward yourself with a round of golf. Fifty points may get you "three days off" from job hunting. These are just some examples.

This game can also have "negative points." You have to be honest with yourself, if you only send out three resumes or applications; you have to subtract four points! Come up with your own points/rewards system and you'll find it easier to accomplish tasks, reach goals and stay focused.

To make this game even more productive, consider playing it with an unemployed friend - the one with the most points wins! This will build competition and really get you both motivated to find any and all job opportunities. Consider this game as a way to win the ultimate prize, a new job!

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