If black cats and unexplained shadows leave you tossing and turning in bed at night, beware. For those whom  October cannot come fast enough, Elkton is getting an eerie twist this weekend.

Lunar Paranormal Virginia is returning to Elkton’s Miller-Kite Museum on Sunday to share its exploration of the Civil War-era building with others interested in the hunt of the haunt.

Once used as headquarters by Confederate Gen. Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson during his Valley Campaign of the Civil War from April 19-30, 1862, the Miller-Kite Museum has grown as a popular ghost hunting destination over the years.

Casey Billhimer serves as Elkton Historical Society’s head of the house committee and oversees the museum. He said unexplained activity was commonly experienced by the building’s renovation team in the mid-1990s, and most groups looking for evidence of ghosts have left as believers.

“We’ve had at least six different paranormal groups over the years. … Each of the groups that have done the paranormal investigations have had some type of activity,” he said.

Lunar Paranormal Virginia was founded by Elkton resident Cherie Breeden five years ago after she began diving into the paranormal world 10 years prior to investigate her own haunted home.

The team’s toolkit for connecting with the other side includes a spirit box radio, electromagnetic field detectors and a screen capture software camera, as well as less conventional tools like light-up cat toys that respond to movement.

“It’s basically a way for participants to have a real experience. It is a real investigation,” Breeden said. “It usually leaves people thinking twice because we do have activity at our events, and the spirits are receptive.”

Half the proceeds of the tour go to restoration of the museum and half go to caring for feral cat colonies in Elkton.

“My husband and I are directors of Elkton Historical Society, so we feel strongly about trying to preserve this beautiful architecture,” Breeden said. “It’s working out because the public is interested in the paranormal and helping with preservation.”

Billhimer said Lunar Paranormal has raised over $1,600.

Elkton Cats is a community Breeden created to assist in trapping, neutering and fostering the local undomesticated cat population. Breeden said she works alongside organizations such as Cat’s Cradle to sponsor the spaying, neutering and fostering of some animals, but the medical bills and cost of food for 24 cats are constant financial drains.

Dr. Donald Molnar is a hospital-based internal medicine doctor who works in the paranormal community under the name Haunted, M.D. Molnar is based in Charlottesville and runs independent investigations but also freelances consulting other groups, such as Lunar Paranormal.

“I was there with Cherie last fall. There was a lot of activity. ... It seemed like every room we went into, we had activity,” Molnar said of the Elkton museum. “It’s one of those places that always seems to have activity.”

Miller-Kite Museum is located at 310 E. Rockingham St. Sunday’s tour is booked, but the next tour at the museum led by Lunar Paranormal Virginia on Sept. 11 has spots available on Eventbrite for $25 per person.

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