Our Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors is coming for your wallet ... again.

Their latest money-grab is an expanded countywide meals tax on restaurant, convenience store and gas station meals, which would cause the local tax on those meals to skyrocket to 9.3%. The state tax is 4.3% and Shenandoah County adds 1%. A meals tax would add up to 4% more to the bill.

Let me repeat that: 9.3% added to the check for every breakfast, lunch and dinner that you and your family eat out. (Yes, carry-out, too.)

Part of the supervisors' cover story is that passing this tax will relieve the pressure to raise property taxes instead. Clearly, though, this is a tall tale. Have you ever seen a Shenandoah County tax go down, or even remain steady because some other new tax was imposed? One tax never replaces another; they just pile up.

The supervisors need to come up with a better story than that. It says to me that if the new meals tax is defeated, your property taxes will go up. And I'm guessing that if it is passed ... your property taxes will still go up. The supervisors may think the voters of this county are children, but we're not.

Fortunately, the final yea or nay is up to us ordinary citizens, when we vote on the new meals tax in a referendum this November. By then, the only county supervisor with the gumption to vote against the new tax - District 3 Supervisor Rich Walker - will be off the board. Fortunately, Mr. Walker is running for county treasurer, and his election will bring new ideas and a higher level of taxpayer-friendly scrutiny and objectivity to that office.

It is time to make fiscal restraint - not new taxes - the default position for Shenandoah County government.

David Christovich, Woodstock