But how? Understand that the Saviour of mankind had to be more than just a man; otherwise man would be saving himself, and that is impossible. Clearly then, the Saviour had to be God! For, again, only God can forgive sin and save sinners. Jesus spoke to the absolute necessity to see and beli…

Christians around the world are about to enter into the most holy week of the year. Beginning tomorrow, we will celebrate Palm Sunday, then remember Maundy Thursday, observe Good Friday, mourn on Black Saturday and culminate with a great victory shout on Easter Sunday! Although coronavirus h…

Shower A card shower is planned for Michael Crider, who will celebrate his 60th birthday April 2. Cards may be sent to P.O. Box 12, Maurertown, Virginia 22644.


Places of worship around the area have canceled services to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, and religious leaders are being creative in how they connect with the community.

As self-quarantining continues in an effort to slow the spread of coronavirus, folks are actually at home more than at any time in recent memory. With no sports or school events, no public worship or church activities, and no eating out or partying, many face a quandary of how to spend our u…

Shower A card shower is planned for Joy Painter, who will celebrate her 88th birthday Sunday. Cards may be sent to 1503 Hahns’ Lane, Toms Brook, Virginia 22660.

WINCHESTER — As precautions against the coronavirus pandemic continue, area residents stuck at home might be looking to make the food in their pantry stretch longer than they’re used to.

Carol A. Fisher and Neal Coiner were married March 3 at Olivet Presbyterian Church in Staunton.

All of our lives have been drastically altered by a tiny organism none of us can see without a powerful microscope. COVID-19 has upended our world in ways none of us ever imagined. How should we respond to such sudden and pervasive change?

Pet adoption Cole, 2, is available for adoption through the Humane Society of Warren County at 1245 Progress Drive, Front Royal.

Jesse and Dottie Huffman Roth, of Front Royal, celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary with a dinner with friends on Jan. 12.

Hoping to quell the spread of illness around the area, local health experts are reminding that hand washing is one of the best ways to protect people from getting sick.