With Halloween less than a week away, the spirits of Shenandoah Valley are getting their chance to shine with a pair of ghost tours.

The Strasburg Heritage Association will be conducting a tour Saturday starting at 6 p.m. in Strasburg. The tour will feature eight stops along King Street, including the Valdez residence, the American Legion and the Box Office Brewery, with each stop featuring a ghost story. The tour will take an hour to complete and will start at the Strasburg Community Library.

Tim Taylor, who serves as the president of the Strasburg Heritage Association, said that the event has been a hit ever since began in 2011.

“People enjoy learning about the history of Strasburg,” Taylor said. “It is a family friendly event, and people enjoy walking through the community.”

Taylor said that a new feature for the tour this year will be attendees will have the opportunity to tell if the ghost stories being told are true or not. Participants will be able to record their answers online or write them down. The correct answers will be revealed at the end of the tour.

“We take our history seriously, so all of the history shared is accurate; it is just the haunting part that is made up,” Taylor said.

New Market will host the Spirits of New Market tour starting at 7 p.m. Saturday. Presented by the Virginia Museum of the Civil War, groups will follow a guide on a lantern-lit tour of seven stations at the battlefield where the Battle of New Market took place. The tour is being seen as a celebration of the indomitable spirit of those impacted by the battle. Each tour will take around 45 minutes to complete and will begin at the museum.

Participants will encounter historians portraying soldiers, townsfolk and families. While interacting with these characters, participants can also help lend aid to the wounded on the battlefield and ask questions about the battle.

If You Go

Strasburg Ghost Tour: $5 per person, but tickets may be purchased at the Strasburg Town Hal for $3 each.

Spirits of New Market: $10 per person. Tickets for ages 6-12 are $5.