Pet of the week: Close-knit bunnies look for a home

Cocoa, right, and Cream, left, are looking for a new home. Max Lee/Daily

WINCHESTER — Cocoa and Cream, a close-knit pair of 7-year-old bunnies, are looking for a new place to call home.

Billie Guidry, an adoption agent at the Winchester SPCA, said that Cocoa, a velveteen male bunny, and Cream, a dwarf female bunny, came to the Winchester SPCA within the past few weeks after living in the home of an older woman who was no longer able to take care of them.

“They came from a very loving home,” Guidry said.

Guidry described both animals as calm, well-tempered bunnies who “definitely adore each other.”

“They’re really affectionate and love to be handled,” Guidry said.

Neither of the bunnies has any health concerns and Cream has been spayed, so owners need not worry about having extra bunnies come into their home by surprise.

Guidry said that the bunnies should do fine in most households. The bunnies have not had much of a reaction when dogs have walked by their cages and Guidry said that they previously lived with a small dog.

The two bunnies are a bound pair, and the adoption fee is $10 for each animal, the standard fee for small animals at the Winchester SPCA. In addition, the two animals come with some leftover food bought by their previous owner.

Call the Winchester SPCA for more information at 540-662-8616 or visit its website at https://winchesterspca.com.