A fifth person has been charged in relation to the escape of an inmate at the Rappahannock-Shenandoah-Warren Regional Jail.

Warren County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Brad Pugh said that police have arrested James Huber Jay in connection with the Jan. 17 escape of Matthew Perry Michael.

On Jan. 18, the Warren County Sheriff’s Office sent a Facebook post stating that they were seeking information on Michael and an “unknown subject.” At the time, the Sheriff’s Office stated that Michael had been seen in a blue and silver vehicle with the unknown subject.

On Wednesday, the Sheriff’s Office updated the post stating that the unknown subject had been arrested. Pugh identified him as James Huber Jay.

According to the criminal complaints against Albert Byrd, Jr. and Courtney Rose Barrett — both of whom have been charged with aiding a prisoner’s escape — Jay, Byrd and Barrett all picked Michael up in Warren County.

“Byrd spoke with Jay and [Barrett], who all made [arrangements and] picked Michael up in Warren County after he escaped custody,” Pugh’s complaint against Byrd reads. “Byrd, Jay [and Barrett] all knew Michael was incarcerated and was planning to escape.”

The day after Michael escaped, police learned that Michael was near Apple Blossom Drive and Millwood Avenue in Winchester, according to a news release from the Winchester Police.

Shortly afterward, police learned that Michael was staying in a room at the Clarion Hotel, at 711 Millwood Ave.

In an earlier interview with the Northern Virginia Daily, Pugh said that police knocked on the door and that Michael answered. Police then entered the room, where they arrested Michael, Byrd, Barrett and McDaniel.

According to the criminal complaint filed against McDaniel, police also found syringes and a stem McDaniel used to smoke crack.

Police charged McDaniel with possession of a controlled substance. Barrett has been charged in Winchester with possession of drug paraphernalia and falsely identifying herself to law enforcement personnel and in Warren County with three charges related to assisting in the escape of a prisoner.

Byrd has also been charged with three counts related to assisting in a prisoner’s escape. Michael has been charged with escaping jail and with threatening his stepfather in writing.