Four indicted in home invasion

A Shenandoah County grand jury recently indicted four people charged in a November home invasion of a town residence.

A Shenandoah County grand jury recently indicted four people charged in a November home invasion of a town residence.

Woodstock police charged Aaron Matthew Branham, Adrian Paige Brown, Philip Lee Runion and Brian Edward Shea with planning and executing the Nov. 24 incursion at a home in the 100 block of South Church Street.

The grand jury on Wednesday in Shenandoah County Circuit Court indicted Branham, Brown, Runion and Shea on two counts each of abduction and one count each of robbery and grand larceny. Police had charged each co-defendant with three counts of abduction, one count of conspiracy to abduct, one count of grand larceny, one count of robbery and one count of misdemeanor destruction of property.

An official said Friday that none of the defendants was being held at the Rappahannock-Shenandoah-Warren Regional Jail. Each defendant is scheduled to appear in  Circuit Court April 11.

A judge in Shenandoah County General District Court on Feb. 5 dismissed each defendant’s charge of conspiracy and destruction of property as well as one count of abduction. The judge also dismissed Shea’s charge of grand larceny. The judge then certified each defendant’s remaining charges to the grand jury.

Police accuse the four suspects of conspiring to make one of the occupants in the residence leave before the group entered the home wielding weapons. Once inside, the suspects held the three people inside the home against their will and then stole items from the residence including an Xbox gaming system and several hundred rounds of .22-caliber ammunition. Suspects took jewelry from one of the victims in the residence and damaged a safe in the incident. Suspects knew at least one of the people inside the home during the incident, police say. Police say the weapons used by the suspects included a hammer and a wrench, but no firearms.

Police arrested the suspects nine days after the alleged incident occurred, the same day that officers charged Runion with receiving stolen goods. A judge dismissed the charge at the request of the commonwealth.

While awaiting a preliminary hearing on the home invasion charges, Runion was arrested Jan. 9 and charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. Runion is scheduled to appear in General District Court May 14 on the drug charges.