Toms Brook man begins jail time on weapon charge

A Toms Brook man has begun serving jail time after being arrested and sentenced on charges of brandishing a firearm.

A Toms Brook man has begun serving a sentence of at least a month in jail on a charge of brandishing a firearm.

In April, the Shenandoah County Sheriff’s Office arrested Philip Quirici, 60, after Quirici approached two juveniles who had shot a goose at a quarry in Toms Brook. According to a criminal complaint against Quirici, the juveniles stated that Quirici took their shotgun and pointed it at them.

“They encountered [Quirici] who was walking his dogs,” the complaint states. “They stated Philip started cussing at them, yanked the shotgun out of [one of the juvenilies’] hand pointed the gun at them and said, ‘run or I’ll shoot you guys.’”

The complaint states that Quirici told police that he threw the shotgun into the nearby water.

According to the checklist for bail determinations in Quirici’s case file, Quirici told police that he was upset at seeing a dead goose. He denied having pointed the gun at the juveniles, the checklist states.

“[Quirici] said acting by his heart, upset because he saw dead goose,” the checklist states. “Would be happy if parents of people like this acted like he did but not defending what he did.”

Maj. Scott Proctor, of the Shenandoah County Sheriff’s Office, said in a voicemail that the incident occurred at the quarry near Sanitary Lane in Toms Brook and that it involved a disturbance between Quirici and the two juveniles.

But Proctor declined to comment further, saying that the Sheriff’s Office does not comment on cases after they have been adjudicated.

Quirici also was sentenced to 90 days on a charge of destruction of property, but all of that sentence is suspended, meaning that Quirici may not face any jail time on that charge.