Warren County law enforcement officials are trying to find who was responsible for the theft of a 1994 Ford Taurus before lighting it on fire on Friday morning. No one was found in or around the vehicle.

The Department of Fire and Rescue Services responded to a vehicle fire near the Lake Front Royal Community early Friday morning, according to a press release from the Warren County Sheriff’s Office. Officers and firefighters found the car on fire on the access turnaround.

The Warren County Fire Marshal’s office determined the car had been stolen from a nearby parking area and was set on fire by someone.

Investigators are not disclosing whether more than one person was involved in the theft and arson incident because the investigation is ongoing, Fire Marshal Gerry Maiatico said.

Maiatico said investigators eliminated all “accidental fire causes,” at the scene, leading them to conclude the fire was caused by a person.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Maiatico at 540-636-3830 or Sheriff’s Office Investigator Brad Pugh at 540-635-7100.